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7 Days to Die New Player Guide - Essential Tools and Basic Weapons

Updated on March 16, 2014


This is a basic guide for weapons and tools most important to the new survivor. It will not cover forged weapons or firearms, as those are either found, or require advanced crafting and the use of a forge. As the game is currently (March 2014) in early access alpha, it is likely that more weapons and tools will be added in the future, and other changes to existing objects may occurr. The guide will be updated as required, in due time. Thank you for your consideration.

Stone Axe

The stone axe is probably the easiest melee weapon to craft, most useful early game, and most often the tool I craft first. It requires a sharp rock, a stick, and plant fiber.

Search for rocks. They are scattered in every landscape of the game. Then, take your raw rocks and convert them into stone.

Converting rocks into stone.
Converting rocks into stone. | Source

Next, take your stone and break it into small rocks.

1 stone converts into 5 small rocks.
1 stone converts into 5 small rocks. | Source

Then, take your small stones and turn one into a sharp stone.

One small rock converts into one sharp rock.
One small rock converts into one sharp rock. | Source

Next, you will need to process grass into plant fiber. Most grass can be turned into plant fiber, no matter the color. Simply harvest it by breaking grass with your fists or any weapon or melee object.

I'm using an axe, but punching works fine...
I'm using an axe, but punching works fine... | Source

Place the grass on your crafting grid and convert it into plant fiber.


Finally, you will need sticks. They can be found from various shrubs in the beginning of the game. Later on, you can craft sticks, but it's always easier when you start to simply break down a bush and gather the sticks.

Smash... | Source
...and grab.
...and grab. | Source

Finally, combine your stick, plant fiber, and sharp rock like so to create your stone axe. You can now use your axe to chop trees for wood which will give you a near infinite supply of sticks.



A basic club is a simple melee weapon to craft, requiring only sticks.

Six sticks to make a club.
Six sticks to make a club. | Source

There are other, deadlier club variants made with other scavenged materials. This version uses scrap metal and makes a spiked club, which does significantly more damage. For its ease of craft and low cost, it is a deadly weapon.


Not for Eating

Killing zombies almost always gives you large bones. Instead of being used as food, they are turned into a fairly effective weapon, the bone shiv. Because of the abundance of large bones, bone shivs are a good source of constant melee damage.


Crossbow and Bolts

Finally, the game's most useful weapon whether beginner or veteran, early survivor or seasoned adventurer -- the crossbow. Silent, deadly, and plentiful in ammunition. The crossbow is the de facto zombie dispatching machine. You will need sticks and plant fiber.


Bolts are crafted from small rocks, sticks, and feathers. To find feathers, first look for and loot birds nests.

Eggs are commonly found here too, which can be  eaten or cooked.
Eggs are commonly found here too, which can be eaten or cooked. | Source

Arrange sticks, feathers, and plant fiber on the crafting grid as such to form bolts. Be sure to equip your bolts on your hotbar when using your crossbow, otherwise you won't be able to reload. Also remember, a head-shot with a crossbow will kill with certainty any type of zombie spawn provided it is a clean hit.

Forty to fifty arrows a day is about how much an average day of survival takes for myself. Keep them stocked!
Forty to fifty arrows a day is about how much an average day of survival takes for myself. Keep them stocked! | Source


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    • SimilarSam profile image


      3 years ago from Australia

      Great overview of 7 days to die weaponry.


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