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6 Great Games for the N64

Updated on February 27, 2018
Mario Kart
Mario Kart
Mario Party
Mario Party

The Nintendo 64: the 90’s Video Game

The Nintendo 64 is the 90’s video game installment that swept the world with video game advancements, displaying technologies, stories and characters that left the world in awe. The N64 was in its day what the PS3 is today neigh it made greater breakthroughs then the PS3 did. This isn’t calling for a battle of the consoles it’s just a comparison between the two in their contexts and they’re both great.

Back when I had one I was always fascinated when I played the iconic super Mario 64 and for the most part that was a great game but I knew there were other great games for the console. I loved playing golden eye death matches with my cousins and socking them on the head when they went overkill. My brother and I always argued over who would play Pokemon snap next and made our life’s missions to take a picture of me.

Innocence was different back then and values were implemented in the games making the gaming generation that was rising up one with a different brighter output on life and how to deal with evil and hindrances. Puzzles, elaborate worlds in 3D and complex and interesting stories were put together bringing forth the golden age of gaming.

Mario Kart

Today I’ll be taking you down the road of nostalgia with ten games that were developed for the n64.

First of all and brother to the most iconic game for the console was Mario kart. Oh yes! A racing game that would enable you to play around tracks related to other Mario related Nintendo games like; princess Peachs castle, Bowser’s castle and even the infamous Rainbow road. Pick up power ups and crush the competition with turtle shells, lightning and banana peels. When I mean crush the competition I mean destroy your sister or brother at the game and be frenemies forever. Jokes aside this game accounted for many hours of fun and competition daily.

Mario Party

Next on the list is another brother to the Mario series. Let it not be a surprise to you that some of the games in the list contain Mario, as the little plumber was more times than once a medium to project our dreams and personalities on in many different games for the installment. Mario Party was another great competitive game that brought together and divided many families and friends only to bring together once again.

Mario Party is the Monopoly of the video game world and it will be forever in our hearts with its many mini-games and levels.

Mario Party 10
Mario Party 10
Bowser is crashing the party! Customize amiibo in the all-new amiibo Party mode (amiibo sold separately) Challenge your buddies in tons of fun minigames (additional accessories required for multiplayer mode; sold separately.)

Duke Nukem 3D

Duke Nukem 3D was another great game for the installment. Follow the hero, Duke, as he traverses a post apocalyptic world fighting aliens and mutated humans of sorts. Shoot a vast array of weapons with large magazines and absurd names. This first person shooter helped place a great standard for future FPS games. In this future necropolis you will witness how your enemies possess weapons that are much like yours and many pop culture references spouted from our hero's mouth. Duke as a character is a super macho that empowered many guys back in the 90's to be much more macho and it also instilled in them a sharing trend. Video games connect us all and as far as video games go Duke Nukem 3D for the Nintendo 64 it connected many action addicted FPS fans.

Star Fox

Star Fox for the N64 put together an interesting story with an unexpected twist! Voice acting, it is one of the first games in the world of gaming to present a story with voice acting. Taking into consideration the fact that the cartridges for the console had incremented the capacity of storage up to 32 megabits it was to be expected of one of these games sooner or later. Star fox places us at the control of the main character commander Fox in space ship fights against the evil enemy Andross a scientist that had been sent away to planet Venom due to his evil plans to destroy the planet.

Follow the crew in this shoot ‘em up game and traverse the galaxy on the awing. The game presents you with the control of a ship full of handy weapons and techniques that will save you from the troubles of dying at the hands of Andross’s mercenary crew. Count with the aid of wingmen as you shoot down enemies and take them with you to boss battles that’ll blow your mind. Use other vehicles including the Landmaster (a tank) and a submarine known as the Blue Marine. Defeat Andross twice and return to your home planet to be celebrated as a hero.

Kirby 64

Kirby 64 for the installment was 2D slash 3D version of the game that contained most of Kirby's former abilities in past games. Kirby and his friends encounter an evil force. This dark force is after the Ripple Star where Kirby and his friends live on. Kirby and his friends live on and more specifically the crystal the fairies have. The crystal is broken and scattered and it becomes your mission to piece it back together to fight off the evil force known as Dark Matter.

Dark matter possesses whomever he pleases including the princess of your beloved star. Swallow enemies and use their powers to course through many levels of puzzles and other stronger enemies. Once you save the Fairy Queen from the hands of Dark Matter you are tasked yet again with defeating evil but now on enemy turf. Yes, now you have to deal with Zero squared on the Dark Star and destroy it. Having accomplished this Ripple Star will finally return to normal.

Donkey Kong 64

Last on the list but never the least is Donkey Kong 64. Considering our main character was for many years the bad guy landing barrels on Mario’s head it’s kind of a nice turn of events not only for the console but for the franchise to have Donkey Kong roam around a 3D world with his other ape comrades in order to regain their golden bananas from the vicious King K Rool.

Collect bananas across the 8 different stages you can course through and change through Donkey Kong’s relatives in order to complete different sets of puzzles and defeat different enemies. Collect the color coded bananas for each individual character, each different Kong will have different power ups to pick up and to be able to use them you’ll have to encounter tag barrels placed around the world. You’ll need keys and golden bananas (five to be specific) in order to access other levels. Side with K Rool’s former ally Lumsy and defeat him as you box with him at the final boss fight.

The N64 is an oasis for nostalgia and fun. It is also one of the forefathers of modern 3D gaming and a great influence on consoles and games to come. I hope that remembering Fox, Donkey, Mario, Kirby and even the sometimes noxious Duke brought a tear to your eye and flooded you with a healthy dose of nostalgia. These have been 7 great N64 games that we’ll never forget.

Have a great one and read on!

Article by: Alain Gutiérrez


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    • Gibape profile imageAUTHOR

      Milady González 

      5 years ago

      Hey Discordzrocks!

      Don't worry about a thing my friend, it was not forgotten, just placed in a list of its own with some other classic games. You can read it here if you like! Thank you for your comment as always!

    • Discordzrocks profile image


      5 years ago from Aw Man

      nice hub, though you forgot LEGEND OF ZELDA HOW COULD YOU FORGET THAT, but otherwise, I agree


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