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7 of the richest cartoon characters

Updated on June 15, 2017
If he's so rich he can afford toys like this, why is he torturing animals? He really has nothing better to do?
If he's so rich he can afford toys like this, why is he torturing animals? He really has nothing better to do?

Dr. Robotnic

No one has a direct estimate of his wealth but, we can all be certain he's rich. Every episode(or stage) he has a new toy to terrorize the forest animals. He first appeared with a mini spaceship pod with a wrecking ball attached to it valued at, at least $250,000 and despite its destruction he hasn't stopped bringing in more toys. Even more surprising is the fact that his machines get bigger badder and more expensive as time goes by. How much is his fortune? The world may never know but, it is sure to be at least $10,000,000. He's either worth millions or he has amazing credit.


Luigi was a poor plumber just Mario until suddenly he was given a mansion in a sweepstakes. The mansion was loaded with traps and tons of treasure. In Luigi's mansion, Luigi constantly banishes monsters, collects coins, and somehow manages to carry all of the treasures he aquired with him.How much was the mansion worth? How much money did he gain? No one could be sure how much he happened to inherit with the mansion...until now. A famous youtuber named Mat Pat did a detailed analysis on how much he might have gained in Luigi's mansion. The total amount will make your head spin.

There's something's money Can't buy... for everything else, there's Michel De Santa.
There's something's money Can't buy... for everything else, there's Michel De Santa.

Michael De Santa

Michael De Santa. Now he's living the life. Big house. Nice Car. Vacations. That's all you need right? Who cares if you have no real friends? Who cares if your wife and children hate you? Who cares if the feds are after you? Right?

So his life is terrible but, he makes our list because despite the miserable black cloud that is his life, he's got money baby! from yachts, to yoga instructors, Michael has everything that could satisfy you... materially speaking that is.


As rich as Luigi is after his stumble into fortune, he simply cannot compare to Mario. Mario is a plumber. He faces ground hogs that kill in one touch, turtles with ever bouncing shells, floating bullets, angry clouds, and firing breathing plants. In adition, he's been doing this since 1983.

Who would go through all that trouble for just a measly $60,000 per year? No one.

As of today's revision of this writing, it is 2017. That means he's been doing this for 35 years. Who would crawl through pipes for 35 years.

The exact same coins Luigi picked up for one game, he's been doing this since 1983. He's been picking up gold coins non stop for 35 YEARS...

He could arguable be the richest fantasy character ever depending on the value of those coins.

I want you to let that sink in for a moment...

Lara Croft

Like most of the people on this list, Lara Croft's wealth isn't even vaguely hinted at nevertheless, there are still clues. I want you to take a good look at the mansion she owns. This mansion is not just for ordinary rich people. Doctors can't afford this. Lawyers don't live here. Your rich uncle who drives an escalade and has 10 laundromats can't afford this. This is real money. This is old money. The money she inherited from her father must have been in the 9 digit high millions or the low billions. Yes, that's right folks. Lara Croft is in fact a billionaire.

Bruce Wayne

Bruce Wayne, Like Lex Luthor, is a billionaire. A debate does however exist on who is richer. Despite that, No one can argue that either one of them are anything less than mega wealthy as they are both stated to be billionaires.

Bruce wayne's wealth includes multiple supercars, a mega mansion, and high tech super hero gadgets and gizmos. He wears suits more expensive than your car. He has watches more expensive than your house He can also be seen with beautiful women at luxurious parties sipping glasses of wine that are more expensive a car note and he pays more for a haircut than you do for rent.

Lex Luthor

Perhaps the richest person on the list(if you think mario is collecting pennies) is Lex Luthor. It has never been stated whether Bruce Wayne or Lex have the most wealth but, it would seem that Lex is the most wealthy. Lex has just as many toys and Batman. While batman has a fancy car, Lex has a suit of flying armor. While Batman has a mansion, Lex has a mansion too. The thing however, that puts Lex at the top of the list is that he funded a political campaign( obviously not 100%). This is wealth beyond wealth. This is the highest form of wealth.

Who do you think is richer?

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    • nipster profile image

      nipster 6 months ago

      That's a good choice. Tony is just as rich as batman and lex. Richie Rich is good too.

    • Cheeky Kid profile image

      Cheeky Kid 6 months ago from Milky Way

      Richie Rich would also be one. Also, Tony Stark.