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8 Simple Tricks and Tips for Clash of Clans

Updated on July 7, 2015

#1 Spot Buildings Under Construction

Find opponents with defensive buildings currently being upgraded; they won't be used in battle! This makes for an easy victory and they're not tough to spot. For example, if the wizard tower is being upgraded, the wizard will be missing. Same thing for the archer tower. But it's easy to miss, so keep your eyes open!

#2 Troop Pulling

Pull clan troops out and away from battle first.

When fighting enemies with a clan castle, use 1 or 2 troops to pull the enemies out of the clan castle and off to the side where you can fight them without having to deal with their town defenses.

During war, you can scout the enemy base and click on their clan castle to reveal the range.

After killing the troops in their clan castle, simply move on with the battle as normal.

For a video, check out the following:

Troop Pulling

#3 Base Formations

Your base formation will determine how often you get attacked, the success rates of those attacks, and how many resources you lose because of it. Shouldn't you do it properly?

There are 2 types of formations:

  • Farming: Prioritizing defending resources while sacrificing your Town Hall for people grinding trophies. (This also earns you an easy shield)
  • Trophy Grinding: Prioritizing your Town Hall to maximize your odds of winning. (Your war base should always be this kind of base)

Simply Google the most effective builds for your Town Hall level and it will drastically increase your battling. Consider the following TH6 farming build from Havoc Gaming:

#4 Losing Can Be Winning

You can lose against strong opponents to grab a ton of gold and elixir.

You may quickly move past a strong opponent with lots of resources knowing they are too strong for you to tackle. However, it can easily still be worth it! Check 2 things:

  • Are the gold mines/elixir collectors outside walls and unprotected?
  • Do the gold/elixir storage buildings look full?

Often times people place mines/collectors outside walls to help protect their base, defensive buildings, and storage buildings. But people sleep! When they sleep they cannot collect and safely put gold/elixir into storage. This gives you the chance to steal from their bloated collectors. You may not win the battle, but you can easily walk away with more than enough resources to justify it.

#5 Save Gems for Builders

Builders are the best bang for your buck and with some patience you can get them all.

  • 3rd Builder: 500 Gems
  • 4th Builder: 1000 Gems
  • 5th Builder: 2000 Gems

The 3rd builder doesn't take much time between achievements and obstacle clearing but you may be discouraged by the cost of the 4th builder and spend the gems elsewhere. DON'T!

Achievements later on give more gems and most importantly the "Sweet Victory!" achievement gives 450 gems!

To get it all you need to do is reach 1250 trophies; which is not too difficult! This should help you close the gap on the 4th builder.

For the 5th, just remember that you can earn 6,312 total gems from achievements which is more than enough to buy a 5th builder. Plus obstacles will always give you a steady source of gems. Be patient!

#7 Queue Training Before Attacking/Going AFK

Keep your barracks training even if you're full!

You may have noticed you can start training troops even if you don't have the capacity to hold more. Starting this training before attacking allows you to save some time as quite a few troops will be done by the time you finish your fight.

But better yet, the elixir for queued troops is still spent. This effectively allows you to safely stock elixir in trained troops where no one is capable of looting it.

The most elixir per capacity troop is the Wall Breaker. Queue them up and keep your elixir safe!

#8 Drop Trophies

Sacrifice some trophies to find easier opponents.

If you find yourself getting matched to a lot of difficult opponents, you can drop trophies by entering a battle, spawning 1 troop, and then surrendering. You'll lose trophies quickly and easily at the cost of only 1 troop.

When you've dropped back down, you should then have more matches with easier opponents.

Onward to Victory!

Remember these tips and help make sure you and your clan aren't wasting time and resources making silly decisions. Even a minor improvement in raiding will have a significant impact on your progression as you struggle to fend off attackers who want to get what you claimed.

Good luck on Clash of Clans!


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