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80's Computer Games

Updated on February 10, 2010

Brief History

We could never have imagined in the 1980's that we would have the kind of video games that we have at our disposal today,with online play and graphics that put some movies to shame it was simply beyond our comprehension back then,but sometimes it is nice to reminisce and remember the days when video games were simple but could still grasp your attention for a few hours and take you away from the world you lived in.What i have compiled below is a list of some of the greatest computer/consoles that were available at the time and some of the greatest games available to us.Video gaming was very archaic until roughly 1982 which was when computer giants commodore and zx brought us something very special,they brought us the zx spectrum and the commodore 64,the very two machines that were going to take gaming to a whole new level and introduce it for the first time to families.We would never look back.

Zx Spectrum

Zx Spectrum

A personal favourite of mine as i owned two different types of this machine,including the upgrade Spectrum plus with new rubber keys!!!!.This machine was released in 1982 and brought with it some great gaming for me in my early years.It was an 8bit computer launched by Sinclair and was one of the first mainstream home computers.The zx spectrum software was released on cassette tapes and loaded into the spectrum's cassette player which coincidentally could be played on any cassette player,These tapes made an awful noise and took an absolute age by today's standards to load but when they did the games were outstanding and kept me amused for many hours.

Chuckie Egg

Zx Spectrum's Most Popular Games

Some of the games that were made available to the zx spectrum owners were so good that people still play them today.Below is a list of some of the more popular ones.

Horace goes skiing was one that i kept going back to for some strange reason,keep Horace on the slope and upright by avoiding obstacles.

Manic Miner was one of the most popular ones ever as you battled through a series of levels in a platform style.

Bruce lee was one i played the most as i played Bruce and battled against bosses,i even remember having a tantrum and crying over this game as i died trying to finish it.

Chuckie egg,the most played game on the zx spectrum,brilliant level design and a wonderful innovative idea.

Daley Thompson's decathlon kept all you sports freaks at bay,and if i remember right it also kept your hand out of action as you ended up with damaged wrists and fingers from furiously trying to beat your mates time on the 100 metres.

Zx Spectrum Compilation

Commodore 64

Commodore 64

The Commodore 64 came out in January of 1982 which had already seen the release of the much celebrated zx spectrum,however that did not stop Commodore and they released a wealth of decent games to rival the zx,even so there never seemed to be a great rivalry back then,you either had one machine or your mate had the other one.It did after several years become the best selling pc of all time selling millions.

Commodore 64's Most Popular Games

Ghosts & Goblins and commando were some of the first games out and things only got better from here on in.

The spectrum title Bruce Lee was released and the graphics had been ramped up leaving me drooling.

Wizball which was a cute little title from sensible software that nearly anyone who had a 64 owned

Skate Or Die came out at a time when all the kids who were playing video games were also into skating,brilliant classic.

Test Drive was the original version of the still running franchise,still one of the best as it was extremely innovative at the time.

Stunt Car Racer was a superb game where you got dropped on a track with your car and then off you went negotiating bigger and bolder jumps and turns.

Barbarian had all the kids hooked when it was realised that you could hack off your opponents head in one foul swoop.

720 was a skateboarding game which was the sole purpose of me being at my friends house as we were all big skating fans,what a game.

Commodore 64 Compilation


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    • RetroBrothers profile image

      Martin Allan 7 years ago from Sunny Scotland

      Great hub - but the rivalry between the C64 and the ZX Spectrum was massive!

      Great times - I had a rubber keyed ZX Spectrum before finally moving on to the Amiga in 1991.

      Loved both machines and still return to them time and again.

      This hub is right up my street!

    • warchild75 profile image

      lee 7 years ago from Lancing, West Sussex, England

      @k4pvz thanks very much i also did one on 90's computer games!

    • k4pvz profile image

      k4pvz 7 years ago from Burlington, NC

      GREAT HUB. It made me return to a time when gaming was much simpler and sometimes I would say even more fun. I too had a C-64 (acutally its still in the basement) The article was well thought out and well planned. The Screen shot pics and the you-tube video was a great touch..

      I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Keep up the great work.