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"A Blobs Tale 2" Walkthrough

Updated on May 29, 2010

The Following is a walkthrough for the sequel to the very popular Blobs tale, "A Blob's tale 2".


After retrieving the star of power in the previous tale, "A Blob's Tale 2" picks up right where the story left off. Our little hero blob is returning home to be with his wife when he finds a startling scene. His house is trashed and his wife is gone, the only clue is a note that was left which reads, "We have your girlfriend, give us the star of power and we will let her live." Now, If we know our little blob, we know that is not going to happen. So, he sets off to make things right.


W,A,S,D - used for movement

Mouse click - used to throw your boomerang, click where you want to throw it

Space Bar - used to operate things, pick up objects, and pull switches

E - used later on in the game once you pick up the shield, used to direct light to specific locations. LIght is directed in direction of your cursor.


This game has no levels, well, it doesn't say when you are on a certain level. So, I will consider each segment a screen. Whenever you go through a door, tunnel, or whatever and the screen goes black, the next screen to come up will be considered another screen.

Screen 1: You begin the game outside of your house with the star of power following you. The entrance to your home is on the right and you are in the yard. You can go to the left and go down a ledge to another area but I have not been able to find a use for this(if you did please post a comment about it). Continue right into the house.

Screen 2: Inside the house there is nothing. Two hanging monkeys, that I tried to cut down with the boomerang, but they are of no purpose. Continue to the next screen.

Screen 3: You are now in your houses front yard. Walk all the way right onto the ledge to fall off and trigger the next cut-scene. You find that the fall almost killed you, but the star of power entered your body and kept you alive.

Screen 4: You begin the next screen sinking in a lake. Don't worry, even if you sink to the bottom, you can't die. Swim to the right and jump up onto the land. Walk right.

Screen 5: This screen starts with you inside what appears to be a cave. Walk right, jump over the rock, and continue until you get to the caves exit. Walk outside.

Screen 6: You start the next screen in front of two talking mounds, one small and one big. The big one is fast asleep. When you walk by the small one, he warns you not to wake up his big pal, considering he has somewhat of an anger issue. You must pass, so you don't have much of a choice. Get ready to run, when the big dirt mound awakens he is very angry and begins to chase you. Considering he isn't very fast and the terrain isn't very trick, this chase scene is rather simple. Just keep your calm and jump up the ridges or over the gaps when necessary. If you fall and die or he catches you, you get a medal so don't be too worried. Also, you start back at the beginning of this screen so you won't be backtracking much. Run until you reach the entrance to the next cave and run inside.

Screen 7: During this screen, you are inside a very dark cave. You must go right traversing the terrain and jumping over the gaps when necessary. Easy screen, the exit of the cave is not very far away. When you get there, walk outside to the next screen.

Screen 8:Walk out onto the ledge to make it begin to fall. Don't freak out, be patient and when the lege across from you begins to fall, and the time is right, jump to it and immediately begin running to the right. Jump to the next ledge and the next until you finally reach the exit to the cave. Go outside.

Screen 9: You start this screen in a grassy field. Run by the talking mound to find out how to use you boomerang and continue right, taking note of the butterfly. You pass a man in a cowboy hat with a walking stick who tells that only a creature with neutral powers to the dark lord can pass through the next door. Run back to the butterfly and begin throwing your boomerang at him to scare him towards the door. Shoo him all the way into the door to open it, now go inside.

Screen 10:You begin inside what appears to be another cave of some sort. Run by the talking mound, who now tells you that pressing space bar enables to use objects and pull switches. Try to pull the switch ahead and the bridge won't fall due to it being obstructed by vines. Jump up and throw your boomerang at the vines to break them and pull the switch again. The bridge now drops. Run over the bridge and continue to the next screen.

Screen 11, Jigsaw Room:In this Screen you must construct a puzzle. The puzzle is half-done with the other pieces scattered around it. Just click a piece to pick it up, drag it to it's proper position, and click again to place it. If you need to rotate a piece, press the space-bar while holding it. Also, there is a reference picture to the right of the puzzle if you run a little further down(it's a heart, for the blind readers of this walkthrough). Once puzzle is completed, walk under the shield and pick it up with the space-bar. Now, continue right and through the door.

Screen 12: Walk forward and stand on the circle. When the circle is pressed, the figure-head hanging from the ceiling's mouth opens. Press 'E' to shine light off of your shield and point it into the figure-head's mouth. The metal gate will now open for you to run through, do just that.

Screen 13, Mirror Room: This is by far the most complicated puzzle of the game. When you run by the talking mound you learn that the only way to get the figure-head to open it's mouth is to create a star of light. This means, you must make a star of light that also shines into the figure-head's mouth. This is done by turning each mirror to the perfect angle, and then shining your shield light at them properly.

The mirrors are labelled as follows, mirror to the top right of light beam is triangle. Mirror to the right of trangle is square, mirror under square in middle of wall is circle, and mirror directly behind the figure-head is X. And for the sake of simplicity, let's call the mirror in front of the figure head rectangle.

Now, you want to line the mirrors up perfectly so that they create a star. It will be completed in this order. You shine the light on circle, which bounces onto triangle, which reflects the light onto X, which in turn directs the light toward square, which sends the light to rectangle, and finally into the figure-head's mouth. So just turn your mirrors to point toward their corresponding successor.

Once completed, a sketchy looking elevator comes from above, board it to ride up into the next screen.

Screen 14: This screen starts with you at the top of the sketchy elevator. Walk forward, pull the lever to open the door, and walk to the next screen.

Screen 15: You are now in a castle of some sort. Walk forward to find the lord of darkness sitting in his throne. After a few short words, he steps up and smacks you back about twenty feet. Now the fight is on.

He starts sending spikes from the ground toward you that you must jump over. Maneuver your way toward him and, when close enough, jump up and throw your boomerang at the chandelier over his head. It should fall(aim at the green piece) on top of him causing him to go underground for a bit and come up on the opposite side. Do the same thing once more with the opposite chandelier to send him back underground again. When he comes up on the opposite side, he shoot a big flame at the ceiling which reveals a stream of light. He now starts constantly shooting fireballs at you. Make your way to the light and stand inside of it. Shine light from your shield in his face and on his body while your able to and be sure to keep jumping the fireballs. After a short while, the lord of darkness shall be defeated.

Once defeated, the ground opens up and you start to fall down a long shaft. At the bottom, however, you land in a big mound of hay to find you wife safe and sound at the bottom. Game end.

Overall, I think that this game was pretty great. Could have been a little longer but it still had a lot of great moments.


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      hey i wanted to know int he mirror room there is another mirror i don no how to get light to that mirror

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      hello again tony if you are still in need of them here is there link

      and details, there there most competitive in the game ,just say netsimsy give you there number

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Thanks for the fantastic walkthrough!

    • profile image

      Gaz smith 

      7 years ago

      Hi, this is a fantastic walkthrough - a year late but i want to thank you :). If your interested in helping write a story for BT3 drop me a PM on newgrounds, 'gazsmithgames'

    • penningl profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from U.S.

      you have to press spcae over the corresponding shape. For each shape beside a mirror, there is also a shape with a lever or crank above it that you can turn with space, and then it turns the mirror.

    • profile image

      Mirror-Light Thingy 

      8 years ago

      How do you move the mirror angles?

    • penningl profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from U.S.

      Dark Cave- sorry for getting back to you so late, Maybe the brightness on your screen isn't turned up enough, you should be able to easily see where to go. All you must do is jump from ledge to ledge until you get to the end. thanks for reading.

    • profile image

      Dark Cave 

      8 years ago

      How do you get past the 7th screen (dark cave)? I keep dying.


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