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A Closer Look At The Nintendo DSi Camera

Updated on May 22, 2014

The Nintendo DSi was an entry in Nintendo's handheld gaming system line. Like the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite, the DSi allows gamers to take their entertainment on the go. The DSi also added several new and improved features to the system, such as including app support, increasing the size of the handheld system, and improving the buttons used to navigate the system. However, the most exciting new addition is the DSi camera. This feature is new to the Nintendo DS handheld systems, and it allows the user to take photos with their handheld gaming device. This camera would become a staple in the Nintendo DS line, and is still included in Nintendo's latest handheld devices.

Burgundy Nintendo DSi
Burgundy Nintendo DSi | Source

Using The Nintendo DSi Camera

In order to take pictures with the Nintendo DSi camera, you will need to enter the "DSi Camera" app. This is found on the main screen, and it is already installed when you first use the system. Here, you will decide where to save your picture to and what camera lens you want to use, such as normal or graffiti. You will also decide which camera to use - the front facing camera or the rear facing camera. After choosing your settings, it is a very simple process to capture the picture. Press the A button or touch "Capture" on the touch screen to save your photo. It will then be stored on your Nintendo DSi system, and you can send it wirelessly to your Wii gaming system or to Facebook. Photos can also be moved to a SD storage card and transferred to a mobile phone or computer. The photo app on subsequent Nintendo devices is similar.

Did You Know?

The Nintendo DSi gaming system was first released in Japan on November 1, 2008. It was released in the United States the next year. In 2010, a larger version of the system known as the Nintendo DSi became available in the U.S. Nintendo DSi systems are available in a variety of colors, including red, blue, black, and white. Nintendo has since replaced the DSi with newer models of handheld devices, including the 3DS.

The Nintendo DSi Camera Specs

The Nintendo DSi camera is meant to be used in a fun, casual fashion. The system features two digital cameras, one on the front of the system, for taking self-portraits, and one on the rear. The camera is .3 megapixels, which is far less than a true digital camera. However, when used in a casual fashion or for gaming purposes, the camera more than qualifies. The cameras are the same whether you are using a Nintendo DSi or a Nintendo DSi XL handheld gaming system.

The Nintendo DSi features a camera app for both taking photos, viewing photos, and editing photos. The system allows users to manipulate their photos in a variety of ways, and they can also add different effects to their existing pictures.

Nintendo's newer handheld devices have a higher quality camera then the DSi, although they are still not as proficient as regular digital cameras.

Nintendo DSi front
Nintendo DSi front | Source


The camera adds a new dimension to the Nintendo DSi system, giving gamers a new feature for their money. It is simple to take photographs and easy to navigate the picture albums on the system. The Nintendo DSi system allows users to manipulate their pictures easily, with a variety of different effects and lenses.


The camera is low quality, with a capability of only .3 megapixels. This is much less than true digital cameras or even most mobile phones. The system is pricey, starting at about $170 for a brand new system. An SD card is required in order to move pictures from the Nintendo DSi system to a computer or mobile device.

Overall, the addition of a camera to the Nintendo DSi handheld gaming system makes it a serious upgrade to the previous model, the Nintendo DS Lite. The DSi camera allows gamers to take and share pictures with an online community and friends. Although the camera is not the highest quality, it is perfect for a casual setting. With the new camera on this gaming system, gamers can now look forward to the inclusion of personal photos in Nintendo DSi games and on their system. The DSi ushered in a new feature into handheld devices and changed the quality of future handhelds as well, Nintendo or otherwise.

Black Nintendo DSi
Black Nintendo DSi | Source


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