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A Geeky Fall - Review of September, October and November 2014 Nerd Blocks

Updated on February 1, 2015

I kept my Nerd Block subscription going during the fall. What a great way to brighten up the dark evenings! I also have my birthday during the fall so that's even more reason to keep getting nice surprises like this. Here are my reviews for the September, October and November 2014 Nerd Blocks.

September 2014

The Nerd Block sent out in September was a really cool box! The T-shirt featured a Guardians of the Galaxy print (value $12-$18), which I was super happy about since I'd seen the movie just a coupel of weeks before I got this box and I loved it! The box also included two small blind box toys: a Scribblenaughts figure ($10, I got Wonder Woman which was awesome) and a Mega Bloks Marvel figure ($10, I got a dark Spiderman whose name slips my memory right now). There was also a Boxos paper playset featuring the Turtles. Not my favorite franchise, but a cool gift all the same (worth about $15). Lastly, and potentially my favorite in the whole set there was a STD-themed plushie which is cute, well-made and came with an informative card (I got Chlamydia, and these toys are worth ~$10). Some people might find this a strange theme to have on a toy, but I love science related toys, even silly ones like this!

The total value of this box was approximately $60 which is great. Oh, and there was a bonus item: a Nerd Block stress ball shaped like a brain.

October 2014

October's Nerd Block was kind of special, because it was curated by director and actor Kevin Smith. I'm a big fan of his so that was very cool. The t-shirt this month (value, as always, about $12-$18) featured a funny crossover of Silent Bob and Jay with Batman and Robin. I do love a good crossover print! This box was, overall, super hero themed!

The largest toy in the box was a Deadpool bobble head figurine (worth approx. $20). I'll admit I don't know much about Deadpool but I have a feeling I can give this one to a friend. There was also a small Legends of Zelda dangler ($5) and set of Marvel vs. DC pins ($5), a set of funny Jay & Silent Bob stickers ($2) and a cute post-it notebook with an Arkham Asylum print on the front (~$10). That was a nice one, because you can't have too many notebooks! But my favorite item in the whole box was a pack of Avengers cards. These are a replica of the ones Phil Coulson has in the Avengers movie and come in both a clean and a "blood stained" version. Very cool, and worth over $30 since it's a movie prop replica.

This box had a, for me, record value of over $85! Wow! My favorite items were the trading cards and the notebook. I'm also really happy about this new trend of themed boxes.

November 2014

November is my birthday month, so this box felt like a special present to me... from me! This box featured, just like October's, a Deadpool item. This time he got to be on the t-shirt (value ~$12-$18). It's such a cool design I feel I should start reading comics with Deadpool in it just so I can wear the shirt without feeling like a poser!

The box also included a plush of the classic Batman from the 60's TV show (value ~$15), a funny slap wrist watch (~$5) and a set of Star Wars car decals (~$5). Last but not least, though, was an Iron Man cup with a great comic book print. It is worth about $10 and is the first cup I've gotten from Nerd Block. I think they should include that sort of useful item more often.

So the total value of this box is something like $50, not as much as the others this fall but still much more than I'm paying and in-between the T-shirt and the cup a really great box!

Which t-shirt was your favorite?

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That was the Nerd Blocks for the fall 2014. A great way to brighten up a dark autumn evening, indeed! But of course I'll be just as happy about my Nerd Blocks any time of the year!

Let me know what you think of these products below!


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