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A Guide to Collecting Guardian Angel Pictures

Updated on February 11, 2017

The first in our collection.

A beautiful picture with an excellent frame
A beautiful picture with an excellent frame | Source

The Protectors

People love the idea that there are phantom protectors with us, guiding us safely through life's challenges and even celebrating the good times with us. We can also receive comfort from their presence and support during stages of dying.

The Bible contains references to Guardian Angels and, if you are interested in learning how widespread the interest is, just do a Google search!

The picture at the right.

Many Guardian Angel pictures are either like this one or a variation of two children crossing a ramshackle bridge with an angel hovering above.

The next picture we found


My first child was a boy and, one day when he was about 18 months old, I stopped at a local antique shop. I had not been in this particular shop before and was walking through aisles and different rooms when I caught my foot on an obstruction. It was a dimly lit room so I was a bit annoyed because I was carrying my baby. I pulled up the item so that I could see what it was. You guessed it -- it was the second Guardian Angel picture we found. What is even odder, the baby in the picture looked like the baby I was holding! Some might say that the seeming coincidences were part of a bigger plan; for example, to delay me in order to avoid an auto accident or some other danger. It could have been.

New when purchased


One child in danger

This picture was probably purchased new in the '70s. I found it in an Americana shop at a local mall. It is really beautiful and the Angel blends into the background. There has never been a glass protecting the print, possibly because of glare or added cost.

Picture at the right

I was in a clothing consignment shop sometime in the '70s and, when I approached an open door, I closed it. This picture was hanging behind it. This is the original frame and, while another color might be better, this cream and gold looks OK. Also, with young children to provide for, we needed to keep frivolous expenses at a minimum. The colors are very delicate, perhaps not as much as they appear in the picture.

An especially favorite picture
An especially favorite picture

We love this picture but, when we found it, the frame was an inappropriate one with lipstick red paint and so wide that the picture was overwhelmed. I chose a frame and matting that would complement the scene and colors.

Beautifully framed picture

This picture came in that beautiful silver frame and can be hung (see closeup) or set on a table or mantel. The frame reminds me of ones proud parents used for graduation pictures. I've seen that particular scene in different sizes. The girl is playing with a ball and the boy is using a hula hoop so it must be from around 1950 or later.

Three pictures in one frame

This picture is unusual because there are three different pictures visible depending on whether is to the left, in front, or to the right. The other two are also religious figures. This is the only Guardian Angel I've seen displayed in this fashion.

Metal framed picture

This picture has an attractive metal frame that complements the colors very well. The boy is reaching for a butterfly and the girl wants have the red flower. The colors are much darker and more distinct.

Beautiful picture and frame

Guardian Angel supporting dying child

It appears that the child would not survive and the Angel is comforting and helping her with the process.

Black Guardian Angel and child

This is an exceptional picture of a mother and child. It appears that he is reaching out for something at the cliff edge.


Thanks for looking at some of our Guardian Angel pictures. I will be either adding to this Hub but, more likely, will publish a Part Two with additional pictures I have yet to unpack. Frankly, I did not realize we had so many.

Just a thought about the angels -- had you noticed how much they resemble the children they are caring for? Many mothers died during or after the birth and I like to think they were able to be that child's very own Guardian Angel.


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