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A Guide to Educational Toys

Updated on August 24, 2010

Educational Toys

Online you will find stocks of educational toys from computers to squish toys and more. Toys today are made of foam, wood, glass, electronic gadgets and the list carries on. No matter what you need to help your child’s development you will find the educational toys online right for your child.

Online you will find educational toys that will inspire your child to develop new skills. The toys teach children motor skills, language, culture, bilingual, spelling, writing, reading, math, social skills and more.

Some of the popular toys sold include the LEGO, Leapfrogs, Laptops, and dinosaurs and so on, yet you will find a wide arrange of products available for your child.

If your child enjoys the great outdoors perhaps, your child would enjoy a venture through the magnetic fishing world. The interactive toys provide your children fun while learning to control hand and eye coordination. Your child can enjoy fishing for creatures of all colors that come from the sea as he or she grasps hold of his or her coordination skills.

Online you will find the magnetic puzzles that teach your child hand and eye coordination as they learn how to fit the pieces of puzzles, or food from the sea into its place.

Your child can learn his or her alphabets with the puzzle without knobs. The puzzle teaches your child his or her ABCs by letting them construct puzzles made of wood. The letter and images match, making it a great visual aid tool for learning. Your infant or toddler will develop the finest motor skills after playing countless of times on this puzzle.

To help your child develop fine motor skills and language checkout the household puzzles with large letters. This puzzle is made of pincer plastic which your child can grab hold of a knot to lift the images. The child learns the name of each image he lifts while developing fine motor skills and learning new languages.

Smaller children can benefit from the domestic puzzles that show them images of animals, which they must learn to recognize. The fuzzy critters make matching the images interesting and a learning experience. Your child will learn how to pieces wooden pieces that lift together as his or her eye and hand coordination develops through a tangible process of stimulations.

Can anyone tell me what time it is? Online you will find educational toys that teach your children to tell time. Your child can enjoy fun, wooden puzzles that fit about the middle clock that removes itself when requested. The hands made of plastic will move also. Your child lifts the parts of the wooden puzzle to learn to tell time.

In the kitchen is many hidden things that peeks a child’s curiosity. To keep your child safe from sharp objects buy him or her a e kitchen toy. Your child will develop skills, including cause and effect, fine motor skills and more as he or she learns how to fit the wooden parts of the puzzle in place. Many surprises are hidden beneath these parts, so point our finger to open the refrigerator, cabinet, oven and so on. Don’t forget to look under the window. Behind the window, once your child lifts he or she will find learning tools that enhances his or her ability to test cause and effect, as well as the child’s motor skills. Sharpen those skills!

Various other toys are available online that teaches your children new skills. Online you will find videos, DVD, CD, VHS, computers, laptops, magic ovens, craft kits, dolls and more.

Phonics Education

Hooked-on-Phonics is one of the highest rated programs for teaching your child math, reading, writing skills the fun way. Teach your child many skills by using books, CD’s, and games.

All educational toys are based for age groups; teaching with Hooked on Phonics will make learning fun and enjoyable for your child. Many programs are available starting with the 3 to 5 age group, the next age group is 4 to 8 and the last group is 8 to 12 years. There are in between programs for all different ages.

As your child advances and need more challenges there will be a program to fit in so they don’t get bored. These programs give the children motivation by using stickers so they can see their progress. The CD’s and videos help them to match words with pictures teaching them to read along in the books. Games are used to teach your child skills using challenges along the way to prepare them for the next step.

Hooked on math is a program that will start with the basic addition, subtraction and multiplication using single and double digits. Teaching your child the fundamentals of math is making it fun and challenging for them.

Hooked on division is another step higher for your child. Teaching your child again the fun way to divide as they climb up the ladder to success helps them to break down complex problems.

For the younger children, check out the color super activity kit to help teach them their colors. Your child will love the bright colors and learning how to match them with others to make things.

The kindergarten starter kit is for the 4 and 5 year olds to give them a head start at learning to read. This kit contains musical audio CD’s, flash cards, workbooks, and storybooks for them to read as a goal. All children get excited when they can read a book aloud.

Having a preschooler excited about going to school. Prepare them with the Pre-K kit. The Pre-K kit will help them learn the skills they need to start kindergarten and not be afraid. It teaches them in a way that will be fun to learn new skills.

Hook on Phonic products will help your child to learn how to study along with teaching the task of taking a test. Improving organizational skills are taught with this program also. We all need these skills and the earlier you start teaching in a fun way it give them a head start in life.

Hook on Phonics educational toys come in many different sets for the more advance children check out the master reader kit.

This kit is for the older children to help them read and comprehend at a faster speed. The master reader kit will teach your child to break down large words to sound them out or to make more than one word.

If your child is into computers as most of them are than try out the software for Hook on Phonics programs. This software can be downloaded into your computer letting your child learn to use the computer the fun way along with learning to read, spell, and basic math skills. With computers being in all classrooms teach them early how to use one by letting them learn basic skills at the same time.

Hooked on Phonics can be bought at most departments stores where toys are sold. Check out the Internet to get an idea of what you are looking for; it will give you an idea on the price range as well. Be sure to make a good decision on your choice the more advanced your child is the more advanced phonics program you’ll want to purchase to keep them interested.

Technology in Educational Toys for all Ages

Technology in Educational Toys for all Ages

Technology in education toys is becoming the big thing now. Everyday technicians are putting something new on the shelf to make toys fun and help your children to get ahead start on life. With all the new toys out it makes shopping fun for the parents searching for the right one to keep their children learning and have fun at the same time.

Education is something everyone can use at all ages. We are never too young or old to learn new things. The more we learn the better chance we have in later years moving up with the times.

How children feel about science:

Science is a subject that most children like to play with. Experimenting is a great challenge at any age. Buying a science kit is a great for getting them interested in science, especially with fun involved and it will educate them as they go.

Science kits are available with many learning objects. They can make an eyeball and look inside to see exactly what an eye looks like. Than they can watch, it disappear, in front of them.

Buying your children a brain kit is a good one too. It will teach them how the brain functions and to make it even more fun they can paint and do experiments on the brain.

All children like to play with worms, check out the worm kit. Let them build a worm hotel and play with worms while teaching them how they wiggle around. A booklet comes with the kit. The booklet benefits the child, since they learn reading skill while learning about earthworms.

Math is something all children need to learn. Start your children out as early as 3 years old helping them learn their numbers while enjoying puzzles. Check out the new telephone that talks to your child. This phone will teach the child numbers, colors identifying shapes and all in puzzle form. The phone teaches the child how to dial a phone while having fun with words spoke back to them.

If you travel, this is a good idea for the children, since it lets them stay busy learning and having fun while going down the road. Some of these phones have bible stories giving your child a chance to learn bits and pieces of the bible in the learning process.

Learning can be fun and educational at the same time with a phonic laptop computer for ages 3 and up. Looks just like a laptop computer giving your children the dream of their life. Set it up next to your computer and they can enjoy being on the computer with mom or dad. Laptops for children to learn on will teach them the alphabet, spelling with word scramble, addition and subtraction. The child will learn so much at an early age along with preparing them for the big step of using mom and dad’s computer.

Not sure where to start and what to buy for the age of your children? Look around and make your decision while having fun with them. All toys stores sell educational toys to all age groups and will let you try them out before buying.

Age is the first thing to consider when buying educational toys; you want to increase their knowledge and teach them new things in a fun way. Your child might enjoy playing with worms, which the worm kits would be a good choice. If the child your buying for wants to talk on the phone all the time, a phone that talks back to them is a good one.

Deciding what the child is most interested in or most importantly, what his or her knowledge needs is is necessary when buying them a learning toy to make it fun.

Have fun shopping and do some playing before buying.


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    • Ashley Joy profile image

      Ashley Joy 

      9 years ago

      I am really not that into the technology based educational toys as I feel they push kids into wanting phones, iPods, and other gadgets they do not need. The LeapFrog stuff is good but overall I like the more traditional educational toys.

    • mingoville profile image


      10 years ago

      Its a waste of time playing games that doesnt help in a childs development. Educatonal toys have a lot of positive benefits that they can bring as they grow up, also try dropping by at this may be a site for kids who take ESL but to a kid who speaks English fluently there listening, reading and comprehension are developed this goes to adults too. May this site add to the educational toys there is.


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