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Free Two-Player Online Games

Updated on February 24, 2016


Two - player games, as the name suggests are games best played with two players. Most of these games play based on physical or tactical abilities and skills of the players. Advancement of technology gave way to new ways of playing these games, one can practice alone with an artificial intelligence or even play with their friend, family or any random dude miles away.

NOTE: Since this list of two-player games consider that your friend or family is travelling for a vacation or something of that sort, we will keep these games having a relatively low PC requirements and can be played even on a netbook with little or none download needed.

A. Browser Based Games

Browser games can be played online without installing the game in your PC, you just need an internet browser, internet connection (sometimes an updated version of Java) and your good to go. This is perfect for instances where you want to play something online unplanned and do not have pleasure of lengthy times.


Pogo is a place where you can play online games for FREE!. This site has a great variety of online games, such as board games, card games, word games and puzzle games. And since I included it in this list Pogo has multiplayer games such as risk, chess, monopoly and more. Some games can even play more than two people at a time. (link below)

Tetris Battle

Tetris Battle is a Facebook puzzle game wherein the players stack up continuously dropping varied shaped blocks and make a complete horizontal line to diminish the block stack.The goal of this game is to prevent the block stack in surpassing the skyline border of the rectangular matrix your stocking on. The multiplayer twist is you can compete for points and/or send lines to your opponent to make stacking up harder! (link below)


Quadradius is a turn-based board game playable by 1-6 people in a 3 dimensional grid. It is much like checkers, only with powers. The goal of this game is to eliminate all of the other players' pieces by jumping into them with your own pieces.

B. Open Source Downloadable Games

Simply put, open source games are video games that develops on an open/public manner (the copyright holder still holds all the rights though). These kind of games are usually developed by small groups of people in their free time with profit NOT being the main focus. Most of the time these games are light weight (does not require high memory/disk space) and does not require high performance processing which makes it playable even on old netbooks.

Battle for Wesnoth

Battle for Wesnoth is a free, turn-based tactical strategy game with a fantasy rpg feel on it. This game can be played on single player, online and hotseat modes. This game contains plenty of game modes, characters, bloodlines, stories and maps thus it does not get dull easily.


Hedgewars, is a turn-based, strategy, artillery game. If you are familiar with worms, then it is much like it but only with pink circular thingies which is supposed to be hedgehogs. You can play with infinite numbers of randomly generated maps, plenty of weapons, costumes and game plays thus the game wont go dull easily. And since it is included in this hub, this game also has online multiplayer feature, and also playable in single player and hotseat mode.

C. Mobile Phone Games

Mobile phone games, as the name suggests, these games can played on your mobile phone either android or apple devices. These is best specially for people who always travel or have a busy schedule and since almost everyone today has mobile phones it is easy to find a friend to play with.

Sea Battle

If you are familiar with the game battleship, where you place ships on a board and guess where your opponent's ships are, this game is just like it but with extra power-ups such as jets and submarine missiles. This game is playable over the internet using google circle, hot-seat mode, and Bluetooth.

Quiz up

Quiz-up is a free online multiplayer trivia answering game. Under a certain topic you and your opponent will answer different trivia within 20 seconds and will be given a point based on how fast you answer the questions correctly, the winner will be the one with more points. There are plenty of topics to choose from and plenty of people to play with.

Ninjump Dash

Ninjump Dash is an online multiplayer racing game, wherein you play as a ninja and race other ninja to the goal line while jumping on roofs and throwing shurikens at each other. Game play may get quite repetitive at times but there are different stages and the game gets updated as time passes by.

Hit up the comments!

Do you have any other game suggestions that can be played by two players or more? Hit up the comments section for everyone to know!:)


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