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A Perfect Geocache Log

Updated on March 7, 2013

The Dilemma

Picture this:

You just come back from a long day of geocaching fun. As the night winds down you find yourself in a difficult situation. You located 21 caches during the day's excursion, yet now you faced with your greatest fear. You have to log them. The blank screen stares down at you, practically mocking your unimaginative mind. It is no problem to think back to each cache, for they stick in your mind like happy points of dazzling light. yet for some reason, your mind is not imaginative and creative enough to think of a simple log. You scream, tear your hair out, and consider just typing "TFTC" 21 times and calling it a day. 

You are NOT alone!  This common dilemma is known as Writers's Block Syndrome, and it affects even the greatest geocachers in the world. Yet there is hope yet.

The Battle Plan

So now you might ask, "What do I do?"

I'll tell you. Geocaching is fundamentally built on a community. Without this community, the entire sport of Geocaching as we know it, would fall apart. These members, place the caches, find the caches, and yes they do indeed log the caches. When you log a cache, its almost like you are giving back to the placer of the cache. This is your chance to thank him/her! Dont be a snob and just write something fast to get it over with. Take the time to talk about your find. Its really not that hard. More than that, its really the least you can do.

  1. Think back and recall ONE (just one) memorable aspect of this cache.
  2. Determine if the cache was accurate in its difficulty and terrain ratings.
  3. Recall what made this cache easy or difficult to find.

The Final Result

After you follow the above steps, your log might look something like this...

"Wow what a cache. What a beautiful little place for a hide! This cache might have been easy, but unfortunately it wasn't because i took the completely wrong angle. My GPSr was above 50' off, but immediately I noticed what looked like a classic location. A few seconds later, sure enough! TFTC"

Short and sweet. No sweat. Now you have a perfect log suitable for any cache.


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