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A Wizard's Lizard Walkthrough: Cemetery Monsters and Traps

Updated on June 16, 2014
A Wizard's Lizard owned by Lost Decade Games. Images used for educational purposes only.
A Wizard's Lizard owned by Lost Decade Games. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

Humble beginnings! All adventurers need to start small, and in A Wizard's Lizard that start is in the Cemetery. The lowest of the low dwell in this dingey abode of the damned, making it a great place for Raga to cut his teeth on combat. Don't let that estimation fool you, though - the Cemetery can still tear you to pieces if you're not careful.

Below is a listing of the enemies and traps you'll find in the three Cemetery levels of A Wizard's Lizard. The enemies will appear in roughly this order as you progress through the dungeon, and early in the game (and depending on the items you take into the dungeon) many of them will not appear. You're only guaranteed to see all of them on the third level of the dungeon.

Cemetery Enemies

Zombie - Slow-moving and weak. Zombies appear when you walk over their graves. They're among the weakest enemies in the game, and make good target practice for beginners. Zombies only become dangerous in packs, and even then they're not too big a threat to an experienced player.

Maneater - Stationary ranged unit. Maneaters are plant-like creatures that spit slow-moving projectiles at you. Evade and shoot. Pretty simple, and since their range is so-so you can largely ignore them until the rest of the room has been cleared out.

Angry Owl - Normally stationary flying creature. Angry Owls will only start to move when hit, at which point they'll usually fly right at you. Keep firing at the thing or you're bound to take damage as it zips by. If you move out of the way the Angry Owl will bounce around the room for a short while before slowly coming to a stop somewhere else.

Bat - Flying creature. Bats zigzag around the dungeon in basic patterns, and aren't too difficult to kill. They're among the few enemies that will completely ignore you, even if you attack them.

Skeletons - Average melee unit. Skeletons spawn from bone piles or when a humanoid creature (Zombie, Green Goblin, Werewolf) is defeated. They will only trouble you if you're already dead. Otherwise, you'll see them wandering about in the background as harmless phantoms. Swift, but not too dangerous unless they're in large numbers. Skeletons only become a major problem if you're forced to fight them along with large packs of other, more dangerous enemies.

Green Goblin - Average ranged unit. Green Goblins will dash away from you and throw two daggers your way. The daggers have a short range, so backstepping should save you from their attack. Green Goblins are high priority targets when scanning a room for enemies.

Dire Bat - Flying creature. The Dire Bat is similar to the weaker Bat, but this version will launch fireballs at you from a distance. It also takes more hits to kill. Use caution, especially if they're crowded in with normal Bats that might get in your way.

Great Owl - Flying creature. Appearing as a white version of the Angry Owl, Great Owls act the same in that they will pursue you if hit. Hitting a Great Owl will incur the wrath of every Owl in the room, though, and if there are multiple Owls (Angry or Great) they'll all come after you. Either wipe these creatures out with Exploding Barrels or attack at a greeeeat range, with preparations to flee after one or two hits. Avoid hitting or otherwise irritating Great Owls until you've cleared the room of other enemies.

Zombie Grave Robber - Ranged unit. Zombie Grave Robbers will follow you around and occasionally fling shovels at you. Dodge and attack back. Not too terrible overall, though their highish endurance can be a pain when they're shoved into a crowd.

Werewolf - Melee unit with a twist. Werewolves will walk around normally until you approach. A few seconds later the Werewolf will charge up and fling itself at you at a greater speed. Back up or dodge to the side. Feel free to keep firing, as the Werewolf will take damage whether it's attacking you or just walking around. A bit surprising, but not fast enough to be a real challenge unless it's accompanied by other enemies.


Cemetery Traps

Spiderwebs - Appear sporadically on the ground. Spiderwebs will slow your movement if you step on one.

Spikes - Pointed, stationary traps. Spikes will damage you if you touch one.

Moving Spikes - Pointed, mobile traps. Appearing as four-pointed circlets on the ground, Moving Spikes will fly at you horizontally or vertically if you cross their path. When a Moving Spike is ready to fly it will have a red circle in the center; as it returns to its former position the circle will turn blue.

Explosive Barrels - Barrels that explode when hit. Exploding Barrels can be used to defeat enemies with some luring. Be careful - you'll take damage if you hit one that's nearby.

Touchy Explosive Barrels - Barrels that explode when hit. Touchy Explosive Barrels twitch on the screen, and will damage a slightly wider area.

Torches - A simple light source. Not a trap per se, but attacking and destroying a Torch will make the area a little darker. You generally want to leave these alone.

Fans - A source of wind. Fans will blow you around the room. The movement is gentle, but it can be quite dangerous if you're trying to fight enemies - especially if there are also Spikes in the room.

Bombs - Occasionally found in barrels. Move away immediately when one appears or you'll take some damage when it goes off.

Bone Pile - Spawns Skeletons until destroyed. Only appears when you're already dead. Bone Piles will always drop a Soul Orb upon defeat.

Mimic - A monster masquerading as a treasure chest. Attempting to open a Mimic will send it into a frenzy, and it will dash around the room until killed.


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