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A Wizard's Lizard Walkthrough: Sewer Monsters and Traps

Updated on June 18, 2014
A Wizard's Lizard owned by Lost Decade Games. Images used for educational purposes only.
A Wizard's Lizard owned by Lost Decade Games. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

The Sewer is not a friendly place. Most every enemy from the Cemetery has been replaced with a new breed of foe, each with new and horrible attack patterns that will test your wits and probably put you to the torch at least a few times. Yet in many cases it's the traps that will do you in down in the Sewer, and you'll have to watch your step veeeery carefully if you intend to survive this horrible journey...

Sewer - Enemies

Mutant Zombie - An upgraded version of the Zombie. Stronger, faster, and harder to kill; pretty much what you'd expect. Unlike Zombies, Mutant Zombies don't come out of the ground - they'll already be in a room when you enter.

Lurker - An aquatic creature that lives in the pools of green sludge that run through the Sewers. They won't show themselves until you come within striking range, at which point they'll pop out of the ooze, wait a second, and then launch a purple projectile at you. Not that difficult to avoid, but they're easy to miss if you're concentrating on other enemies. They'll move from ooze pool to ooze pool, so don't believe that you're safe just because you slipped away from a Lurker's previous location.

Face Hugger - Four-legged beasties that want a piece of you. Typically encased in an egg of slime, Face Huggers will leap free if the egg is struck. From that point on they'll hound your every step until you kill 'em off. If you can avoid it, leave their eggs alone. If you can't avoid it, try to take these things out first. They're a little too good at hunting you down.

Blue Slime - Inoffensive little blobs. Blue Slimes wander around aimlessly, doing little to no harm unless you accidentally touch one. You want to save Blue Slimes until last, however, as killing one will turn it into an Ice Block. Ice Blocks won't hurt you either, but their freezing effect can get you killed in mob situations.

Green Slime - Another breed of inoffensive little blobs. Green Slimes wander aimlessly until they die. Occasionally a Green Slime will spawn a Muck Monster upon defeat.

Slime Crystal - A large, free-floating crystal that projects slime at you in groups of three. Dodge around them and fire back. Slime Crystals have a ton of health, and will take a while to kill. (But, yes, they can be destroyed.)

Muck Monster - A beastie masquerading as floor goo. Muck Monsters appear as pools of green slime, much like the normal pools found in the Sewers, and only spring to life when you get close. Once you've IDed a Muck Monster, let it bounce away and leave it for later. They won't move unless you draw near 'em.

Derper - A stronger version of the Lurker. Derpers take more damage, and will launch three projectiles at a time rather than one. Otherwise they act the same, and should be treated in the same way.

Ioi Eye - A giant, free-floating eye. Ioi Eyes move slowly around the room, charge up, and fire waves of energy at you. Stay out of their line of sight (lol) and fire from behind or the sides. Their worst attribute is their extremely-high HP; it's best to worry about less-durable monsters first.

Large Floating Skull - Pretty much what the name implies. Large Floating Skulls appear after you've defeated a larger flying enemy, such as an Ioi Eye. They bounce around the room like their smaller counterparts, but every now and then they'll perform a small charging attack when they get close enough. Durable, but not too dangerous.

Sewer - Traps

Crystals - A cluster of crystals. When destroyed Crystals will fly in all directions for a short range, dealing damage to you if you're nearby. Crystals do not hurt other enemies. Note that you'll also take damage simply by touching Crystals.

Ice Block - A floating hunk of magical coldness, generated when you kill a Blue Slime. The Ice Block won't hurt you if you touch it, but it will temporarily freeze your character in place. The freezing effect wears off after a few seconds. Avoid these like the plague in swarm conditions.

Green Explosive Mushroom - More common than its orange kin, Green Explosive Mushrooms will hurl a full spread of poisonous spores from their bodies upon defeat. They'll also release a smaller wave if you get too close. You're best off just ignoring these things whenever possible, as they don't count towards room kills and their explosions don't hurt other enemies.

Orange Explosive Mushroom - The rarer of the two mushrooms, Orange Explosive Mushrooms are essentially new, slightly tougher versions of Explosive Barrels. Set them aflame whenever an enemy is standing a little too close for their own comfort.

Slime Pipes - Wall-mounted pipes of death. Slime Pipes launch globs of slime out at a short range in brief intervals. Get hit and you'll be poisoned. Watch for an outpour of smaller globs to know when a Slime Pipe is about to go off.

Floor Spikes - Impales from below. Floor Spikes appear as a set of four holes on the floor. Step over them and they'll pop up. You have about half a second to move off of the holes before the spikes appear. Sprinting or outright avoidance is advised.


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