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A Wizard's Lizard Walkthrough: The Zombie Warlord

Updated on June 16, 2014
A Wizard's Lizard owned by Lost Decade Games. Images used for educational purposes only.
A Wizard's Lizard owned by Lost Decade Games. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

All great games need to start somewhere when it comes to boss fights, and as far as large-scale encounters go the Zombie Warlord is pretty good. Reminiscent of The Legend of Zelda's Ball and Chain Soldier, albeit with a slight lean towards the undead, the Zombie Warlord is sure to test the unprepared with a relatively difficult fight. En garde!

Zombie Warlord

Located on the third floor of the Cemetery, the Zombie Warlord is, at least on his own, relatively simple. His attack pattern goes as such:

- The Zombie Warlord begins every battle by summoning minions. Whenever he does this, a group of Zombies (typically between eight and ten) will rise up from graves around the field and pursue the player.

- Once the Zombies are in play, the Zombie Warlord will move in the player's general direction with his ball and chain swinging in a circle around his body. The longer this attack lasts, the wider the Zombie Warlord's attack radius. As the player deals more and more damage the Zombie Warlord's movement speed will increase from a steady walk to a sprint.

- After fifteen or twenty seconds of attacking, the Zombie Warlord will summon more Zombies. He will perform the animation for this action regardless of the presence of Zombie burial spots, and if there are no graves in the area no Zombies will spawn.

Sounds tough enough for a first boss. How do we bring him down?

(Actual pictures of the Zombie Warlord forthcoming. It's difficult to take screencaps when he's trying to beat your brains in.)
(Actual pictures of the Zombie Warlord forthcoming. It's difficult to take screencaps when he's trying to beat your brains in.)

General Advice

- The Zombie Warlord should not be your first priority. You need to keep his attack range in mind and avoid his attacks, of course, but the Zombies in the room are the first problem. Avoid attacking the Warlord for the first little while as you kill Zombies. Destroy enough of them and their burial plots will disappear. Not only does this rid you of an annoying distraction, it'll give you a chance to acclimate to the Zombie Warlord's speed and movements while he's still at his slowest.

- Along a similar vein, you need to get rid of any Bone Piles in the room, assuming you enter this battle while dead. The Skeletons are just as annoying as the Zombies, and they'll spawn constantly from the two Piles in the middle of the room.

- Try to stay outside the Zombie Warlord's attack range. Despite how it may look, you can occupy the space between the swinging ball and the Warlord without getting hurt - but he changes the range on the ball so much that it's difficult to jump out of the way when it returns to the Warlord's body. Stick to the outside whenever possible.

- Use the Spider Webs. Most of the time at least one or two sticky spots will spawn, and it's quite easy to lure the Zombie Warlord onto them. Once he's stuck you'll have a few seconds to launch an assault before he returns to full speed.

- Use the Exploding Barrels. If you get lucky there will be a looooot of Exploding Barrels in the room. Stand by one, wait for the Zombie Warlord to rush over, move, and shoot the Barrel. He'll take a fair bit of damage from each Barrel.

- Always plant your totem! It's easy to forget that you have a totem when you first play A Wizard's Lizard, but the Warlord's relatively simple attack pattern makes totem planting a piece of cake. Wait for him to rush over, then lay it down. Soul Orbs are similarly helpful, though waiting for the Warlord to get in range is... risky.

Short Range Combat

The Zombie Warlord is tougher when using close range weapons, such as the Axe. Take out his cronies first, then do your best to lure him into Exploding Barrels. Wipe away as much of the Warlord's health with explosions as possible. (For this purpose, don't use the Barrels on the Zombies / Skeletons.) Once you're out of alternatives, draw the Warlord in close to Spiderwebs and let loose while his ball and chain is still relatively short. Lay down the totem once he's slowed, attack a few times, then dodge out of the way. Keep up the pressure until he's toast.

Long Range Combat

Players who rely on long-range weaponry, such as the Spear, will find this battle a fair bit easier. The ball and chain will betray the Warlord's positon; you just have to target him at a distance and stay out of his way when he charges. Save your sprinting power for those moments where he's about to close in. Ideally you should keep him on a horizontal track around the room, giving you plenty of space to rush by when he comes at you.

Defeating the Zombie Warlord will get you safely through the Cemetery and deliver you to the next section of the dungeon, the Sewers. You'll also receive a nice new weapon from a yellow chest in the next room over. Huzzah!


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