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buy childrens balance bikes online

Updated on April 26, 2014

These days it is the norm for children to learn how to ride a bike using stabilisers, and mostly by the time they are 7 or 8 years of age they are racing around running people over and falling off.

A question many askis "Why is it so hard to learn to ride a bike?" Well the answer is actually quite simple, you have to learn and master three to four things at once, balance, pedalling, steering and braking. Not easy I hear you say, and this is why learning to ride a bike using a balance bike is such a good idea as it eliminates all the skills except the most important, 'Balance'.


What is a Balance Bike

Balance bikes are relatively new to the cycling world, or at least they are making a come back, only problem is not many people even know what a balance bike is. I myself until 2 years ago had never seen one, now my son lives on it and people are constantly asking where can they buy one for their child, answer being any good quality bike shop as well as online.

The Balance bike itself is very simple with it looking just like a normal childs bike only without pedals or brakes. They are usually aimed at children aged 2 and up meaning that your child will be big enough for a balance bike before he is ready for a bike with stabilisers.

Your child will learn to scoot themselves along using their feet, they also stop using their feet so be warned don't let them wear there best trainers and toes will disappear! As they progress they gradually learn the art of balancing and steering as they glide along going around corners and patio furniture. This is what makes balance bikes such a great way of teaching your child how to ride a bike.

Types of balance bike

There are many types of balance bike available now ranging from good quality solid frame bikes, usually made by specialist bike manufacturers such as 'Specialized' or 'rayleigh' as well as the cheaper metal and wooden framed models available from catalogues and other bike shops. If you are on a budget obviously you have no choice which one to choose, I would just say, go for the best you can afford as they will get damaged if your child rides it to its full potential.  

When can my Child progress to a full bike?

Once you child is big enough for a full sized bike with pedals, maybe a 14" or 16" wheel then they should be able to make the transition straight to the bike without the need for stabilisers, no matter how old, providing that they are confident on the balance bike. The transition should only take approximately 30 minutes and you will need your skates on or at least your bike to keep up with them.

The most important thing to remember when wanting to make the transition to a pedal bike is not to do this too soon, as if your child becomes accustomed to stabilisers they will forget how to balance and you will need to teach your child the hard way, meaning you will be running along at the side holding on, and there will be lots more crashes!

Have fun, we have.


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