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A fun mobile game hub for fans and players

Updated on June 29, 2016

Nintendo reveals that Pokémon GO is for July

Blessed be the E3 conference for it brings tons of news for the millions of waiting fans! One of the best revelations till date comes from Nintendo. The latter has finally confirmed that it will release its long-awaited Pokémon GO and this should happen at some point in the month of July. Do note that iOS and Android platforms will both be targeted and AR technology will help boost thing for players looking for new thrills. You might want to stay tuned for the official launch date!

Angry Birds Holiday: the latest Rovio game for mobile

You Rovio fans, will be glad to hear that a new title in the name of Angry Birds Holiday will soon be released! The latter was recently soft-launched in the Philippines and it should reach global iOS and Android stores later this year. Do note that unlike earlier seen titles, this game will offer a city-building sort of experience. Players will be tasked to build and expand their territories and some farming elements have also been included. Watch the trailer now and stay tuned for more details!

Angry Birds Holiday

PopCap joins EA for Plants vs Zombies Heroes

Game developer, PopCap, has joined forces with EA to deliver a brand new experience! It will obviously feature a lot of undead creatures and it was called Plants vs Zombies Heroes. The latter will be a mobile character battle game and playing it will consist of battles in a move to showcase one’s power. Check the trailer for a better idea of what this new mobile experience is all about!

Plants vs Zombies Heroes

One Hundred Ways: a puzzle game with a lot of tools

If you are a handy person, there are chances that you will like what One Hundred Ways has on offer! The latter is a puzzle game and playing it will be all about getting a ball to a specific goal. Players will be presented with various tools during each level and using them wisely to guide the sphere is the only way to succeed! We do not have a release date yet, but you can surely check the game’s trailer for an idea of what’s coming!

One Hundred Ways

Boom Beach gets a new update and a new troop is added

You, Boom Beach fans, can update your app! That’s right, Supercell has delivered something for you guys and it will certainly please you all. Do note that a new troop in the name of Cryoneer can now be unlocked and from what can be seen in some of the sneak peek videos, it’s looking pretty fierce and will freeze everything on her path. Update now and have a blast!

Boom Beach

Kim Kardashian gives her thought about microtransactions

If there is one thing that will always be debated among mobile gamers, it will have to be microtransactions! In a recent interview, famous model, Kim Kardashian, also had her say on the matter and from what we heard, she is totally against it! However, she does seem to have missed out on the fact that her own mobile game, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, has made millions of dollars in profits from this particular monetisation technique. On the other hand, we know that her husband, rapper, Kanye West, has also argued against in-app purchases within digital titles. However, he will be releasing his own game soon and we can bet that it will come with the same money-making trap! Stay tuned for more details!

RPG action on mobile soon with Teeny Titans

Grumpyface Studios will soon release a brand new RPG! The latter has been named Teeny Titans and it will be based on Cartoon Network’s hit TV series. As you might have guessed, that’s none other than Teen Titans Go, one of the coolest teenage superhero cartoons for kids. Do note that some of the most famous characters will be seen in-game and this includes Robin, Raven, Cyborg, Starfire, Beast Boy and Terra.

Fury Roads Survivor: now free on iOS and Android

Your local App Store and Google Play are both hosting Fury Roads Survivor! The latter is all about crazy cars and oil, and players will be tasked to control a vehicle as it goes across a dry and pixelated environment. Do note that this title is free-to-play and it does contain in-app purchase for upgrades and other perks. For a better preview, do check the game’s official trailer and once tested, remember to drop us a comment to share your experience.

Card Wars: A new game has been announced for mobile!

We can now confirm that a new Card Wars game has been announced for mobile devices! The latter has been named Adventure Time Card Wars Kingdom and it will be released in July. No exact date has been revealed yet, but we do know that it will be seen on iOS and Android! To boot, PvP and tournament modes can both be expected and a quick view of the original trailer, might refresh your mind about this forthcoming app!

© 2016 Gorge Ton


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