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Top 5 creepy things in games

Updated on July 1, 2013

Hello, and welcome! To all those Hubbers, readers, googlers, and other “-ers” I can't currently think of , I say, Happy...thoughts. Yeah thoughts! That's totally where I was going! It's Friday again, so let's go find something to talk about. And I could think of plenty, but, for some reason, I've got nothing right now. So, how about we talk about something creepy. Specifically, something creepy in a game! Maybe we can find some creepy things in multiple games! I've got it! A top ten...or five! Those have never been done before! (originality is amazing, huh?) So Here's my top 5 creepy things to find in games.


5.Beyond Hell Valley: Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Now, I'll admit, I've never played Super Mario Galaxy 2. I've played most of the previous Mario platform incarnations, but haven't had the money to buy this one yet. But i've seen this one before, though. In Super Mario Galaxy 2, if you go to the Shiverburn Galaxy, you'll see something interesting in the skybox, or the game's background image, you'll see a very interesting shadow (or series of shadows) who appear to always be staring down toward Mario. This isn't too strange on it's own, with just some guys staring at you while you're in the level. What makes it truly strange is when you actually dig into the games coding. You'll find the filename of the skybox is called “Beyondhellvalley” I'm sorry, beyond hell? Why is hell in a Mario game!?

4.Minecraft at night (with no lighting)

Minecraft is an amazing sandbox game, and has different versions for different things! There's the pocket edition for IOS and Android, and even a downloadable Xbox360 edition. When you start a new world, you're dropped right in at a random spot, in a randomly designed world, though you can create “seeds” in which the world design is always the same. What gets frightening is when the night hits, even on peaceful mode, but don't get me wrong. It's much freakier on the other modes, but let me talk without the intrusion of mobs for a second. The numerous underwater wonders, mineshafts, valleys, and deep caves that the world creates gives you the sense that you're in your own world. But when nighttime hits, the darkness of the environments, oceans, caves, abandoned mines, they all feel so much more disheartening at night, especially when you're alone.and, wether you believe in Herobrine or not in the game, you can get the horrible nagging feeling that someone, or something is watching you. A night outside in Minecraft can be one of your most terrifying experiences, no questions asked.

See that? Would you want to walk into that? no, but you have to. you also have to hookshot over an endless pit. no wonder link gets the triforce of courage...he's got balls.
See that? Would you want to walk into that? no, but you have to. you also have to hookshot over an endless pit. no wonder link gets the triforce of courage...he's got balls.

3.The shadow temple: Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Now, there are tons of creepy things in Zelda games, especially in Ocarina of Time, which was rated “E.” That means this game was safe for kids, but boy did they not get that one right! The most frightening place to go in this game would have to be the Shadow Temple. First, as soon as you walk in, you see what I would swear is a distorted picture of some menacing clown. The hookshot target is at least there to help you get to the other side, on the off chance that you actually know there's something over there (Spoiler: there is, that's why you use the Lens of Truth) but at first, you don't want to, mostly because of that clown picture. Throughout the entire dungeon, you feel like something REALLY bad happened here, and as an anonymous voice points out to Hyrule's many wars and battles, you begin to realize that something bad DID happen here. Even the puzzles in this dungeon fill you with a sense of hopelessness, and make you think the boss is far more deadly than he really is.

2.The abandoned house: Skylanders: Giants

Skylanders, in itself, is by no means a frightening game. You can easily tell when you're going to be faced with an enemy, and the tone of the entire game is this big adventure, nothing designed to be too freaky. But after reaching chapter 7: Wilikin Village, you see a dark point in the plot. These doll like things, known as the Wilikin (go figure) were created by Kaos, or at least a member of Kaos' family, for the sake of being their play-thing. This is creepy enough, but Kaos also abandoned them completely, which they talk about throughout the level. But the reason why this is my number 2 spot is a specific house at the beginning of the level, known as “The Abandoned House.” in this house, there's a very eerie feel, objects are floating in midair, and the ghost of a little female Wilikin can be found running around one of the two rooms. She'll even stop if she runs into you, but you can't talk to her at all. It's almost entirely unknown what happened to this little Wilikin girl, or what happened to this house in general. But, what freaks me out the most is that, in essence, the entire World of Wilikin village was abandoned by Kaos, according to the npc dialog. What made this house here so different?


1 Anti piracy message: sonic CD

This is one of the creepiest things I've EVER seen in a game other than a horror game, but those are kinda excluded since they're designed around scaring people. This game probably didn't even intend to be scary on many occasions. Perhaps they were with the boss theme, or maybe the idea of brutally destroying robots to free little trapped woodland critters. It's a matter of opinion I guess. But this thing is just nuts. There's a special feature in the game known as the sound test. If you enter certain numbers in it, you can see tons of neat things other than sounds. There's even an odd tribute to Batman somewhere in there. But the creepiest by far is the code entered that takes you to a screen full of strangely posed Sonics with hellishly distorted faces, and Japanese text saying “Fun is infinite with Sega enterprises. Majin.” Majin Translates to Devil. I later learned that this an was anti-piracy message used for illegal, hacked, or imperfectly emulated copies of the game. That's WAY easier to swallow than any other ideas that come to mind, but I have to ask. What the hell is wrong with you Sega? And was this EVER put into the news?

Now that I look at all the stuff i've typed, I realized something. I forgot to mention the all important stipulations to this. First I should mention that these are only my opinions. These are creepy things i've seen in my gaming life. Second is the fact that I'm a wuss. I'm pretty easily frightened, but I'm not afraid to admit it. Lastly, I'm sure some people are going to mention that there are tons of scarier things than these, but some may mention horror games like slender, amnesia, or ao oni. All of these scare me WAY more than what's on this list, but that's just it. These are games of the horror genre, meaning they're designed to scare you. It wouldn't be very smart of me to mention creepy things in games as whole, and talk solely of games designed to be scary in the first place right? These are creepy things in games, and what solidifies their places here is that they're all in games that aren't intentionally scary. These games are bright, adventurous, and happy. To see such strange things in these games is what attracts people to the ideas in the first place. At least, that's my opinion.

In any case, Let's call that enough for now. Monday, we'll tips and tricks on...Ooh, I've got it! How many of you have played Zelda: Ocarina of time? How many of said people own a Gameshark for it? Good question! If you didn't ask a question, my bad. But next week, I'll guide you guys around some of the awesome things in the so-called “Beta mode” of Zelda: Ocarina of Time! There's much more than I could cover in one blog, but if it gets popular enough, I'll continue exploring the game, but in the meantime, if you liked this blog, feel free to look at the other 4 I have right now, if you're in the future, then I have more than 4, so there's that...See you guys soon! ^^


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    • TNT Husky profile image

      Devlin Kendall 4 years ago from Indianapolis

      thanks, again. I had a really tough time deciding where to put each one. I'm glad it was entertaining.

    • Kathryn Stratford profile image

      Kathryn 4 years ago from Manchester, Connecticut

      This is very interesting. The Sonic one made me laugh. Very unexpected, for sure. Those certainly were all creepy, and I enjoyed hearing about them.