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A Hat in Time, This indi game has enough charm too stand with the likes of Mario 64 and Banjo Kazooie

Updated on March 14, 2018
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Hi there my name is Tommy and I have been a gamer/collector for most of my life.

A hat in time is an indi gem avaible on Steam

Well today we are going to be looking at an Indi Kickstarter game called A hat in Time, which takes inspiration from a lot of the earlier 3d Mario games with Mario 64 and some Banjo thrown in but it also updates it quite a bit. While I won’t call it anywhere near has good has those classic games, considering this is coming from a small developer it’s still pretty good and gets the spirit and the charm of those games right.


The story follows Hat Girl and alien girl who’s flying her spaceship home. However, when she passes by a strange planet; she runs into a member of the mafia who force her to pay a toll. When she refuses he break into her ship and she loses her time pieces and most go around the world to collect them. First is Mafia town and which the mafia aren’t really mobsters the best I can describe them is like the Krang from the Nickelodeon ninja turtles TV series. Anyways she finds mustache girl and the two strike up a friendship if Hat Girl can kill the mafia’s leader then Mustache Girl will help hat girl find her missing time pieces. Things go well with Mustache Girl basically being the game tutorial and helping you the first world, however when Mustache Girl finds out that the time pieces can let you change the course of time she gets angry that Hat Girl won’t let her use them too kick the Mafia out of her town completely, Hat Girl is a bit afraid of her going Light Yagami on the world. Anyways that’s really the last we see of Mustache girl until the end of the game, a lot like the villain from Rockstars Bully she’s there for the first part and then just disappears and doesn’t come back until the ending. The rest of the stages involve Hat Girl becoming a movie star and getting a battle between two directing birds and the stages there consist of going around a more modern set increasing your popularity. And a train set doing things like solving mystery. The 3rd has you going through a spooky forest has Hat Girls soul gets stolen by an evil specter and she is forced to work for him until she can earn it back. And the final level is just a really huge open mountain top level without any real story yours allow too go where you want and where you please and gather the time pieces that way.

Mustache girl starts off at hat girls friend

But after a fight she disappears until the end of the game.
But after a fight she disappears until the end of the game.

Each of the games mission and stories with them have some charm and a sense of humor about them. The developers wanted these places to tell a story, simple ones but none the less their own story and they manage to do it well. While not gripping the story comes off better than most Mario games.


The game play in this game is just really good, is it has good has the best Mario games. No but it’s certainly way better the sunshine. At any rate has I already stated each stage has a little story and mission you have to do to collect the time pieces. And has you expect a lot of what you have to do involve Mario type platforming. And for these parts all I can say is the stage design is pretty top notch and the controls are silky smooth, I never felt like I missed a jump or had trouble because the game was poorly designed when it comes to the control and areas. And beyond the regular areas there are bonus areas that take on the feeling of some of the bonus areas of Super Mario Sunshine, except these are fun and don’t suck like Mario Sunshine’s did.

These 2d platforming bonus stages are a lot like the ones found in Mario Sunshine

But there fun and they don't suck like they do in that game.
But there fun and they don't suck like they do in that game.

But beyond platforming there are other types of gameplay. A few stealth missions exist where you will have to keep other characters from seeing you. On top of that there are missions like the train mystery for example where your task with finding clues to pinpoint the real culprit. Also, next to the hour glasses and completing missions Hat girl will also have to track down hats and badges she can wear. The hats which are created by using yarn each give you a special ability. Weather it’s to dash around, ground pound, or lets you stand on objects for a while. Most of the hates are useful and enjoyable too use, and I do recommend getting yarn whenever you see one. You must have both the dwellers mask and the ice mask to make it into the game’s final area. Badges however give her special abilities. Most of these are optional but you will need the hook shot to get around certain areas and why they decided the hook shot had to be a badge I don’t know, but it’s an enjoyable enough game mechanic and works out fine once you get it and equip it.

While it does take a badge space

The hook shot adds a bit of uniqueness to the game.
The hook shot adds a bit of uniqueness to the game.

So what areas did I not like, well there are a few missions that felt like they went on forever. A mission that makes you travel through an underground area of the studio too find one of the directors who has one of your missing hour glass takes what seems like forever to do and is followed by a lengthy boss battle and there are quite a few more. Another one has you having too travel a long distance to get to this ice mansion so you can confront the queen that lives there that wants to make an ice statue out of Hat Girl. And why that area was freaky and gave me some chills sometimes, just the fact that they made you have to get there from the starting point in the forest made the mission another 10 minutes it didn’t need. I would have loved to have more missions, which were shorter than just a few super long ones.


The graphics have a Saturday cartoon vibe that fits in with games like Mario sunshine. The character designs and models while not rip offs are supposed to give that nostalgic feeling of said games and they work well. The worlds themselves have a lot of detail and are just brimming full of gags and stuff in the background. Like the graffiti and signs in Mafia town, to posters on the bird studio. And it runs at a smooth rate, all in all I enjoy how this game look.

The character sprites are a bit cartoonish

But they fit the style and time the game is trying too go for.
But they fit the style and time the game is trying too go for.


Most of the characters are fully voiced and have excellent actors portraying the parts, and they all do a good job. The music again while not a rip off of anything Mario does a good job of portraying his 3d esc games and I enjoy the sound track.

Final Recommendation

Is Hat in Time worth 30 dollars, but only if you’re a real diehard of Super Mario Games and I did enjoy this game which did a good job of recreating his classic games from around a decade or two ago. That said I don’t know if I can recommend it at 30 has I bought it myself for around 22 dollars. AT 20 it’s worth it so put this on your steam wish list and wait for a sale.


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