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A tribute to Pac man

Updated on September 3, 2008

The world's ever lasting game


I remember as if it was yesterday. As a five year old girl turning six I already knew what I wanted for my birthday. I had seen my friends play the game and I was already addicted.

I recall not wanting to go home because I was passing a new level in flying colors. I wanted that game bad, so I could advance at the next level and hopefully play all day long.

I am talking about the good old days when Pac Man came out in 1980 and it was already a blast. Namco had struck it gold by inventing that small creature chomping on those small dots for a living. This arcade game was surely the most popular in the whole videogame history.

The game was originally called "Pakku Man" where the word "Paku-paku

described the chomping noise produced by a mouth opening and closing such as when eating. The game quickly became popular because at that time not many videogames were as uniques as Pac Man. During those years most videogames were mainly characterized by space shooting games or sport games.

Therefore, Pac Man quickly became much more than just a videogame. The character was found just about anywhere, on t-shirts, hats, toys and even Pac Man pasta was made.

It was surely an undeniable fact that Pac Man was on the top of the list of the best arcade videogames in history.

Pac man was not simply a videogame but actually "the videogame". Everybody seemed to like it regardless of sex, age or social status. What made the game particularly addictive was its originality and the diversity offered.

The game dynamic played a big part in its success as well. As a player, you got to play a maze game and a chasing game, all while graduating from one level to another. The variety offered is probably the reason why it is so addictive and hard to get tired of. You get to chase and be chased, chomp on balls and upgrade to different levels of difficulty, all in one game.

Playing Pac-Man with no audio is like playing Monopoli with no money. The game creater had found great noises to accompany various happenings on the game giving it even more appeal. The noise of Pac-Man dying is not a pretty one, but it gives the idea. The chomping on the dots noise, the power pellets and the ghosts contribute to making the game unique.

Later, fruits like cherries and bananas were added to the game to add some variety and points upon eating them. Mrs. Pac Man was added to the team as well, to provide Mr Pac Man with some companonship and make the game more interesting.

When it came to videogames, in those years Pac Man had zero rivalry. The game was surely the best and has stayed so for a very long time. Even nowadays, where videogame characters can be moved with a twist of the wrist, Pac Man retains it's fascinating appeal. I still would enjoy a full evening chomping on power balls and ghosts, no matter what. Pac Man surely may resemble a pizza with a missing slice but it's creator surely had a great brain!

Techno Pac Man


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