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Quick DCS: A-10c Warthog Start-up Procedure for Noobs

Updated on November 26, 2013

II. Ignition, MFCD's, HUD, and Take Off

12. Start one turbine engine and wait. (Igniting the 2nd turbine before the first one has reached a high enough RPM will stall out the power generation process and cause you to have to restart the ignition sequence.).

13. Turn off APU generator when both turbines are fully powered up.

14. Turn off the APU.

15. Turn on CDU (computers).

16. Turn MFCD (Multi-Function Colored Display) screen dials to "Day".

17. Flip CICU (Central Interface Control Unit) switch which commences the MFCD start up sequence.

18. Flip IFFCC switch (starts the HUD's (Heads Up Display) pre-flight sequence).

19. Press Enter on the HUD to start the pre-flight sequence (takes one minute).

20. Flip the left and Right Yaw/Pitch switches on.

21. Set takeoff trim by pressing the "T/O TRIM" button.

22. Engage front wheel steering

23. Increase throttle in only one turbine to taxi to the runway.

24. Use W to brake while on the ground.

25. When positioned for take off, hold down the brakes while you increase to maximum throttle on both turbines, then release the brakes.

26. After getting about two-thirds of the way through the runway, begin to lift up.

27. Retract landing gear like a boss (hold down G).

I. Power, Fuel, and Oxygen

1. Turn on the battery.

2. Turn on the Power inverter (this converts the DC power from the battery into AC).

3. Check your signal lights if you want and see if all the lights are working. I don't know about you guys but I never seem to have an issue with them working unless I'm taking off after having crash landed from AA (Anti-Air) fire, in which case you should have ground control repair your aircraft.

4. Test fuel levels (the gauge with two symmetrical dials that rise when you test the levels).

5. Turn on OXYGEN (very important for you health) and check the flow light if you want.

6. Don't forget to close the cockpit.

7. Turn on radios if you want.

8. Provide power to the four boost pumps (the boost pump switches are four switches in a square next to another square of switches).

9. Start the APU (Alternate Power Unit).

10. Start the APU Generator.

11. Engage the AC Generator.

III: Commence Fun

Digital Combat Simulator: A-10C Warthog is definitely on the more cerebral side of the video gaming spectrum. Upon getting the game you also get a lengthy 1000 page manual which goes over the intricacies of piloting an A10C Warthog in military fashion, as well as hours upon hours of interactive tutorials and training missions. The long manual isn't required reading, but the most fulfililng aspect of this video game is the learning itself, as well as the application of the knowledge and the pride you feel at being able to pilot a war machine. After you master the basics principles of flight and how to use the vast array of weaponry on board the A10c Warthog, you're ready to enter combat either on or offline.

Offline Play

The offline experience stands alone as a game in itself. This isn't the sort of game that really requires human adversaries, since the greatest challenge you will face for the lifetime of you owning this game is learning and applying everything you can about the effective piloting of an A10c Warthog. It is quite the task, and there is much reward to be had in chopping away at it.

Online Play

Most of the servers are up permanently and usually have a decent amount of people online. Usually in online play, there will be two sides that each have their own objectives to destroy in a battle that's taking place and you have to work with your allies to destroy enemy objectives as well as the actual players on the opposite team flying around trying to do the same thing. Attempting to dive onto a low-flying enemy player and saw his plane in half with your car-sized GAU-8 Avenger machine gun never gets old. There are of course the more complex options of locking on your anti-air missles or such, but that just seems too mainstream for me. Oh, and make sure and find where the switch to release the countermeasures and flares is located before you take off. Even if you release them all at once, like a noob, you'll at least save your plane from taking one hit... Unless you're an expert in aerial aerobatic maneuvers, for which servers also exist solely for.

The tutorials in DCS: A-10c Warthog pack a lot of information into a concise interactive session.
The tutorials in DCS: A-10c Warthog pack a lot of information into a concise interactive session. | Source

DCS A-10C: Low Altitude Flying

A Bit About the Actual, Real, A-10C Warthog Aircraft.

The real, existing in physical form and not digitally, A-10 Warthog has been around since the 70's and the military just can't seem to find a reason to get rid of it, the plane still sees action in wars today. The plane was designed to fill a role as a very resilient low-flying close-air-support plane with long loiter times (loiter times meaning the time it can fly around an area before it has to land and refuel or rearm or repair). Underneath the pilot's seat there's a titanium bathtub that protects him from anti-air fire. The turbines are situated on the air frame in such a way and with such an individual power that the plane can actually fly with just one turbine. The plane can even fly with half a wing missing as you'll find out pretty quickly if you enter online play oblivious to the enemy's whereabouts. After spending hours learning about how to operate the avionics on board the A-10, you'll find it ironic that one of the aircraft's fortes is it's lack of reliance on avionics. The aircraft can be equipped with all sorts of weapons but its pride and joy is built into the frame itself, the GAU-8 Avenger machine gun.

The planes upcoming successor is a controversial subject. It's called the F-35 and is still in prototyping today. This new aircraft is supposed to be able to serve as a single plane that can accomplish the desired results of many different roles of military aircraft. Many believe that the F-35 will not be able to live up to the tall task of being a jack-of-all-trades. Furthermore there are many skeptical of the F-35's proposed dependency on avionics which also weighs it down. The A-10 lovers are saying the new plane's going to be too weak while the F-35 supporters point to its advanced stealth capabilities and say it won't be getting hit. Fighter jet lovers on the other hand are saying the F-35 will be too slow and unmaneuverable being weighed down with so much electronic gear. The truth will unfold in a few years.

The GAU-8 Avenger machine gun fires bullets the size of a milk carton 70 times per second and they're trying to come up with something better, oh humanity...
The GAU-8 Avenger machine gun fires bullets the size of a milk carton 70 times per second and they're trying to come up with something better, oh humanity... | Source


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