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AD&D Classes: Conduit Mage

Updated on January 9, 2012

Compatible with all editions, though originally plotted for 2nd edition. (It can also be used with other RPGs given a little conversion work.) This is an original class created by Earl S. Wynn that has been officially game tested.

Among the many schools of magic, there are those that specialize in bottling up powerful spells within weapons and items for all sorts of uses, from combat to healing, the obscure and unique, and everything in between. These men and women are the Conduit Mages, and they are born crafters of holy relics and magical items.

Restrictions and Requisites

Prime Requisites: INT/DEX

Equipment Restrictions: Standard mage restrictions

Weapon Restrictions: Daggers and other small weapons.

Hit Dice: 1d4

Class Specifics:

Conduit Mages are very similar to ordinary mages in many respects. Their primary difference is that they cannot cast spells the same way, but can rather only "channel" the spell into an item to be activated VIA thought or secret word. When "channeling" spells, roll on the following table, and add the caster's level to the result. (1d20) The items created can be used by anyone.

2-5 Utter failure: Spell sputters and has no effect. Caster's hands get burned (1d2 hp)

6-7 Spectacular Failure: Object explodes, doing 1d4/level of the caster

8-9 Half-way integrated: Spell works once at half power

10-18. Success! Spell works once.

19-20 Great Success! Spell works twice.

21-22 It's my Lucky Day! Spell works three times!

23-24 Hello GOD! Spell works four times!

25-26 ‘Mazing! Spell works five times!

27-28. Charged up: Spell works 10 times

29-30 Legendary Item: Spell works 20 times

31-32 Arcane Device: Spell works 30 times

33.+ Divine Intervention: Spell effect is permanent

Further Notes:

If you're a player, it's always a good idea to talk with your Dungeon Master or Referee (depending on the game you play) before using any classes from outside sources. If you liked this class, or even if you just want to see more fun classes by yours truly, please feel free to follow the links at the bottom of the page to check out all my other RPG classes. Check back often-- new classes are added all the time!


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