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AD&D Classes: Sunakar (Sand Mage)

Updated on January 10, 2012

Compatable with all editions, and other RPGs (if you tweak it) originally plotted for 2nd edition D&D. This is an original class created by Earl S. Wynn that has been officially game tested.

The Sunakar are a quiet order of mages that most commonly cluster in loose nomadic knots that wander the wastelands or desert reaches where sand and dust are plentiful and people are few and far between. The few people that do tread in these distant places rarely see Sunakar, as the mages travel most commonly by burrowing or by sprinting (they leave no footprints when on sand) and are very skilled at keeping themselves hidden. The few Sunakar that journey outside of these wastes usually do so only as hired assassins, and those few almost always will carry a source of sand with them, making them easy to spot by those who know what to look for.

Restrictions and Requisites:

Only humans or half-humans (rarely) may be trained as Sunakar.

Prime Requisites: INT/DEX

Equipment Restrictions: Nothing heavier than chain. Cannot burrow or sprint as normal with anything heavier than robes or ordinary clothing.

Weapon Restrictions: May only carry one small knife (1d2-1d4 dmg).

Hit Dice: 1d6

Class Specifics:

All Sunakar have the ability to burrow through sand or similar granular matter (not water-- they hate water) at a speed of five feet per second + 1 foot per level assuming they are wearing unrestrictive, easy to move in clothing. While burrowed and unmoving, they are considered hidden, and only a really lucky roll is likely to spot them. When the ground is too hard to burrow through, they can sprint at speeds approaching twenty miles an hour for one mile per level of the Sunakar. (Same restrictions) As mentioned before, they leave no footprints while moving across sand.

Inherent Skills/Spells:

All Sunakar gain the following two spells at first level, and may pick one additional spell from the list below (along with any other list the DM allows, or they may even create new ones if the Referee is okay with it) with every level gained. All Sunakar skills and spells require sand, dust, or some other dry particulate substance (salt or very fine, dry sawdust for example) in order to work.

Control Sand: The fundamental and defining ability of the Sunakar, it is speculated that this ability is a psychic one (rather than a magical one), and almost passive at that. Using only gestures and thought, the Sunakar can command sand to move, collect in one place, or simply float. The sand doesn't move fast enough to be any significant threat, so it can't really be used as a weapon, causing momentary blindness at most.

Sand Spray: Projects a burst of sand at high speed. 1d4 / level of the caster + 5% chance of temporary blindness/lvl.

Sunakar Spells:

Sandglass: Allows the caster to create glass objects out of sand up to 1 cubic foot/ lvl of the caster.

Dust Warriors: Summons 1d4 Warriors from the sand per every two levels of the caster. (AC: 8 - 1 per 2 lvls of the caster, HP = 3x level, hit for 1d6 a number of times = lvl, Save v.s. spells for ½ damage.

Sunaskin: Allows the Sunakar to create an armored skin from sand. looks just like real, unarmored flesh. Supports itself magically. Requires constant concentration to maintain. (AC reduced by 1 per 2 levels of the caster. Absorbs 2xlvl of HP before cracking and breaking off.)

Sandwave: Forces the sand into a tidal wave that does 1d6/lvl of the caster with a 5% chance per level of blindness and save v.s. breath weapon or choke for 1d8 extra damage.

Sandstorm: D20 table for severity. add or subtract 1 for every three levels of the caster if he or she desires.

Type of Storm Effects:

01-04. Light Obscured vision, ¾ movement rate

05-12. Moderate Obscured vision, ½ movement rate, 1 HP per round damage

13-17. Heavy Obscured vision, ½ movement rate, 1d4 HP per round damage

18-19. Turbulent Obscured vision, ¼ movement rate, 1d6 HP per round damage, save versus death magic +2 or choke on dust, etc. for 1d10 damage extra (roll each round until the saving throw is made)

20+ Extreme Obscured vision, movement rate,1d8 HP per round damage, save versus death magic or choke on dust, etc. for 1d10 damage extra (roll each round until the saving throw is made), save versus spell or be blinded (save once)

Armeth's Sand Dome: Creates a hard dome with HP = 10xlvl of the caster and 10ft/lvl of the caster in size that is easily mistakable for a dune, a hill, or a simple rise.

Khara's Quicksand: Lessens the natural friction and cohesiveness in a 10' section of ground, making it like quicksand. Creatures caught in the quicksand sink if they struggle, and require 10 strength X the level of the caster +5 for every round they spend sinking to be pulled out. (10lvl + 5r)

Sunakar Windtunnel: Like a stable funnel cloud laying on it's side, the Windtunnel can serve as a bridge, passage through a dangerous area, or any number of other things. It's 8 feet across at the center, and extends for 10 feet/lvl of the caster. It's walls can block almost anything incoming and it can support an incredible amount of weight. (DM's discretion) It lasts for as long as the caster concentrates on it.

Flesh to Sand (Reversible): Turns 1 cubic foot of flesh (per level of the caster) into sand or vice versa. Save v.s. petrification or suffer 2d4 points of damage per foot converted. (or complete loss of HP if whole body is converted simultaneously.) Water to Sand (reversible): Turns 1 cubic foot of water (per level of the caster) into sand or vice versa.

Water to Sand (Reversible): Turns 1 cubic foot of water (per level of the caster) into sand or vice versa.

Sandshift: Treat as blinking. Instant teleport up to 1 foot/lvl in any direction.

Dust Familiar: Summons a dust devil with 1d4 HD of caster's level and AC: 4, hitting for 1d4 + 5% chance of blindness/level of the caster (THAC0: 18 - caster's level. Minimum 1.)

Eye of the Sunakar: Creates a hovering, mobile "third eye" with a range of 5ft./lvl of the caster.

Sand Doubles: Allows the caster to create up to 1 duplicate of themselves or someone else per level of the caster. Duplicates are sand (AC: 8, HP 1, no attack.)

Fist of the Desert: By striking quickly with a large body of sand and then constricting that sand suddenly, the Sunakar can do immense damage to a single creature. The target must save v.s. spells or be crushed to death at a rate of 1d4/level of the caster every turn (keep trying to save.)

Sunamorph: Uses sand in a fashion similar to Sunaskin. Works like Polymorph.

Further Notes:

If you're a player, it's always a good idea to talk to your Referee or Dungeon Master about new classes before you introduce them into an existing game. However, if you thought this class was interesting, or even if you just want to see additional character classes by the same author, please feel free to follow the links at the bottom of the page to check out all my other RPG friendly classes. Check back often-- I add new classes all the time!


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