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About Pokémon Black and White

Updated on October 5, 2015
Used under Fair Use clause for purpose of review.
Used under Fair Use clause for purpose of review. | Source

About Pokémon Black and White

The Pokémon series is one that has long-since swept the globe, starting with two video games for the Nintendo Gameboy released in the United States in 1998 and spreading to encompass a media empire. Various Pokémon products include five generations of games for Nintendo with 10 separate titles, a popular television show, numerous feature-length movies, comics, a trading card game, toys, clothing, accessories, and a wealth of other products that have sold billions.

Pokémon Black and White was released in 2010 and was more advanced at the time than any other Pokémon games.


Development Information

The latest installment in the series, Black and White forms the 5th generation of Pokémon games for Nintendo, starting with Red and Blue (1998) and including Yellow (1998), Gold and Silver (1999), Crystal (2000), Ruby and Sapphire (2002), Emerald (2004), and Diamond and Pearl (2006).

The game was created and developed by Game Freak, and distributed across the world by video-game giant Nintendo. The release date for Pokémon Black and White was Fall 2010 in Japan. After being translated into English, it was released in March 2011 in North America.

About the Game

The game takes place in the traditional Pokémon format and revamps it to an extent, mostly in an effort to improve the graphics and take advantage of the capabilities of the Nintendo DS. This means that the game looks slightly different, with enhanced graphics and a sleeker, more updated look.Black and White will incorporate 3D graphics to a greater extent than with the previous editions.

One example of this was revealed in a screenshot released by Nintendo. One of the new Pokémon, Zoroark, was seen battling another new Pokémon, Zorua. One key difference is that the entire back of the player’s Pokémon was displayed, instead of just part of it as with the original version on the Gameboy.

Nintendo DS



Most reviews for Pokémon Black and White were positive. The new Pokémon that were introduced were a particularly big hit, and the improved graphics and game play made the version really stand out against the older versions.

Not everyone was completely satisfied, however. Many critics were unhappy with the new character designs, and were disappointed that the game wasn't as innovative as it was expected to be.

Customers gobbled it up, though. Black and White had over a million pre-orders, and sold 5 million within the first year. At the time it was the best selling DS game ever.

Since then, Pokémon Black and White 2 has been released.

Pokémon Black and White


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    • Pikachusif profile image

      Pikachusif 6 years ago from Castelia City, Unova

      I've already played and beaten Black, and I have to say it was not good at all.

      It was epic!

    • profile image

      Tre carter 6 years ago

      This game is gonna be awesome

    • profile image

      javier rodriguez 6 years ago

      its freaking aswome