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6 Absolutely Free Brain Training Sites

Updated on October 23, 2016

Want to maintain your memory sharp, your attention in order and your analytical skills up to date? Look no further - brain training and perseverance is all you need. The internet offers a ton of websites on brain exercise: some offer it for a monthly/annual fee, some are free but run a lot of annoying ads, and there are some that are completely free!

Explore the new possibilities your mind is ready to offer by "playing" the brain games that are curious, interesting, challenging and FREE!


Registration process is super easy: year of birth, gender, nickname - and you are ready to go! Chose a daily set time for your training and exercise your memory, perception, calculus, logic, and language skills. You can compare your brain with others or invite your friends to register and compare straight to their brain. Pretty fun! So far I am exceeding in calculus and logic. Language is not my forte. Yet!


Super fun, lots of games and training for your brain. Play the freebies, and do not subscribe to the "Club Member" membership. There are plenty of activities to keep on trying every day for zero money.


Lumosity is an online program, a product of Lumos Labs, consisting of games that help improve memory, attention, speed of processing, flexibility, and problem solving. The site has a monthly/yearly subscription but offers free limited training as well. It takes less than a minute to register either with an email or thru Facebook. The mobile version is one of the best I enjoyed so far.


If you don't mind using a pen a paper for your mind games, then this is your piece of pie. Lots and lots of puzzles, cryptograms, and anacrossagrams. This one will make your brain work hard!


If you don't mind watching a 15 second ad before each set of games, the AARP website is for you. It offers a good variety of brain games that you can adjust to your skill level and see how you rate next to other players. Includes: calculus games, vocabulary, analytical skills, concentration and memory, problem-solving abilities, visual and auditory memory and even more.


I really wanted to like this one, because the games here are different, and more complex than what I've seen so far. Sadly the instructions are way too long, get very confusing at times, some games require pen and paper, and others have very annoying audio. Well, it's worth a try if your spin of attention is not as short as mine and you don't mind a little labyrinth browsing.

I do recommend these websites for the clean layout, easy navigation, fast registration and a very pleasant experience altogether.

Any other training "brain gym" that you know of?

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