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Ace Combat 7 Review

Updated on August 7, 2020
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Gamer and writer, experiencing story driven worlds and creating them is my main goals and wish to share them.

What is Ace Combat 7

Developer : Project Aces

Ace Combat 7 Skies Unknown is a flight simulator type of game that takes place with a warring countries and high tech planes that takes you to the seat of an ace pilot where you make the difference.


The story of Ace Combat 7 takes place where two countries are at war, you as an Ace pilot known as Trigger flying for Osea. A war breaks out in surprise by the enemy using a ton of drones, which I thought was a new great thing to add to the story world and really adds to the whole evolving ways of combat previous ace combat games never really had. This new way really brings the game and the world itself into a new way of thinking to combat and the evolution of technology. The story itself is told through 3 characters that tell of the things they have to go through while you play as a silent protagonist. It took some time for me to really tie all the ends of how they all become connected a bit, but once I realized the connection I felt a deeper understanding to the story and the world much more than previous Ace Combat titles. Sadly the other pilots you fly with I still felt like I had a lack of... connection with really and felt they were more or less forgettable. However this time round I had much more excitement when facing off another ace Pilot in the game, but when ever an ally was taken down I didn't really... remember who they actually were most of the time or how I as Trigger really met them. Most of the story I could say didn't leave a huge impact on me in any way really other than technology can go out of control.


Ace Combat 7 Features everything that one would expect in a flying game. The rush of being close to the ground the enemy planes flying next to you, the struggles of trying to save an ally from an enemy plane or bomber that's heading to your allies. A new thing that was added is how clouds can freeze your craft up if your in them too long or how they can be used for cover from enemy planes which was a really nice touch. another is when a lightening strike that can hit your plane on stormy maps can really impede your targeting systems and make you feel lost for a moment while things restart where you have to find your targets all over made some of the missions deeply exciting and fresh. The game takes place over the course of twenty missions with three dlc missions. Most you could finish with in twenty or so minutes while others seemed to make you struggle just a tad. Getting new planes I found was exciting, completing a mission gave a currency that would be used to buy a new plane or parts to make the current plane a little more stronger as in mobility or combat ability. The missions were usually your air to ground types or air to air types, a few missions I felt were a little rough when turning your targeting off and on on a particular mission or well near the end a mission I felt was a little anticlimactic than it should have been. This game also has multiplayer which was half the time more exciting air to air fights then the campaign. finding a top ace player and trying to bring them down I felt was very satisfying and a way to really see how good I actually was at being a top ace.

Graphics and Sound

The game looks amazing, every Ace Combat game I have had experience with has always been breath taking to be in the skies and to see other planes around. The cloudy skies or rain on the window made the game really feel much more alive. Hearing the roar of the engines or the clash of thunder make you feel like your in the cockpit of one of these crafts. The massive explosions or when there is a ton of enemy planes in an area sound great and makes you feel apart of the action. The music is much similar to a lot of previous Ace Combat games but all the same it fits perfectly with the atmosphere and the timing of the game.

Final Verdict

Ace Combat 7 Skies Unknown is an Interesting game with missions that take you through all kinds of skies and scenarios. Though I really couldn't feel much for the characters or build a bond with any of them and story itself was great but... nothing to really remember too much of the game itself has a lot going for it as a flight game and that really is one of the more important parts of this experience that does well.



  • Fun multiplayer.
  • Great visuals.
  • Great gameplay and smooth handling.
  • makes you feel like a real Ace pilot


  • Forgettable story and characters.

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