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Active Life Outdoor Challenge for Wii

Updated on January 1, 2013

Unique Game from Nintendo Wii for Kids (Adults Too!)

Active Life Outdoor Challenge for Wii is a very hot seller this year and has been since just after it's release in late 2008.

Kids everywhere are loving this game, which is the first in the series of Wii "Active Life" games - and is famous for urging kids to "get off the couch and get into the game!"

On this page you will find all the information you need on the Active Life Outdoor Challenge for Wii, including suggestions on how to get the best discount for the game online, any accessories you might need and a "sneak preview" of the game itself.

There's some other fun stuff here too - make sure to check out the whole page!

Active Life Outdoor Challenge

There are two merchants online that are both great places to find and buy the Active Life Outdoor Challenge Game for Wii - (right) and Amazon (below).

Both resources have lower pricing and you can also sometimes swing free shipping as well! =)

View the Trailer: Active Life Outdoor Challenge for Wii

Want to get a look at it before you buy? Here is a nice video that shows people in action - playing Active Life Outdoor Challenge for Wii.

Need Accessories?

Below are some additional accessories that you may want to have for the Active Life Outdoor Challenge for Wii game...

Accessories to Play Active LIfe Outdoor Challenge for Wii

If you are in need of accessories to play the Outdoor Challenge game, you can find them rather easily from Amazon. See listings below:

Kids (adults too) can stay entertained for hours, with over 16 Outdoor games to choose from (each with multiple levels of play) in Active Life Outdoor Challenge for Wii.

There is a specially designed mat that is included, which is used as a "controller" for the game. This feature of this game makes it pretty unique as a video game, as well as extra fun and active.

There is also "Mii" support, which means that any Mii you create of yourself can be used to play from the very start of play.

My understanding is that Active Life Outdoor Challenge for Wii is the first in a series to be released of "Active Life" games - all of them are supposed to be geared toward various active (and fun) activities - each a different theme.

Are you an Active Life Outdoor Challenge Fan? - Let's hear about it!! Comments welcome.

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    • profile image

      Attention_Getter 7 years ago

      I will be soon! It's amazing the level of activity that kids, adults, and seniors can get from the wii now. Even my parents enjoy playing wii physically! Thanks for the information!

    • profile image

      poutine 8 years ago

      Sounds interesting, I might look into this Wii stuff.

    • profile image

      anonymous 9 years ago

      I heard about this game - cool. I wonder when the next in the series will come out.