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AdventureCraft, Minecraft Adventure Mod

Updated on January 24, 2011
For more Minecraft mods, tips and tricks, visit:
For more Minecraft mods, tips and tricks, visit: | Source

AdventureCraft is a Minecraft mod that turns your standard Minecraft game into an Adventure game. In AdventureCraft it's no longer possible to place blocks or destroy them, instead you play through dungeons, collect loot, uncover secrets and try not to die.

The AdventureCraft mod includes a Mayan Temple map. Loading the map will result in you landing on a deserted island with a mysterious temple and a sword.

The brilliant aspect of this mod is that one is not only restricted to playing through the dungeon included with the mod, but one can download maps designed by other players and also design one's own maps which can be played by other people.

The mod changes a great deal of the dynamics of Minecraft. In fact I can safely say that it changes the entire nature of the game. Once you play this you'll be thrown into a world of mob drops, bosses and trying to kill things with the Minecraft sword, which is actually pretty hard and something that's usually easily avoided by changing the game to peaceful mode.

Without getting too far into spoilers, AdventureCraft really does add a great deal to the game and indeed adds extra functionality. Torches, for instance, can be carried in the hand for light that moves with you. This may very well cause major frame rate issues for you, especially if you're already having some difficulty getting a decent frame rate.

Other traditional adventure game fare has been added, from doors that close behind you when you enter rooms to doors that open when you kill all the mobs, to spike pits, the list goes on and on and on and whatnot. (Also, boomerangs!) Some of the standard Minecraft options are still available, for example, you can play on peaceful if you like. There will still be some mobs to kill, but there will be fewer skeletons.

How To Install AdventureCraft

Before installing this mod, BACKUP EVERYTHING. If you want. It can't hurt, though it's not entirely necessary because AdventureCraft creates an entirely new instance of Minecraft on your computer that doesn't actually interfere with your standard Minecraft game at all. You'll still be able to play the original Minecraft even with AdventureCraft running in another window.

The install process is actually very simple for AdventureCraft. Simply download the zip file, expand it, then run the installer. This will install AventureCraft. To play AdventureCraft, simply click the AdventureCraft.exe.

What looks like the standard Minecraft will load, but there will be no worlds saves. Select World One, then select the Mayan Temple. Your adventure will then begin!

Download AdventureCraft


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