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Adventures in DDO's House Kundarak

Updated on June 13, 2015

The Banker's Guild

House Kundarak is an enclave of buildings where adventurers will find more shops and vendors to replenish their supplies. This is the banker's enclave, too. Dwarves, in their hunger for wealth, have learned to harness magic and devise protections that others seek out in an attempt to keep their own money safe from thieves. The dwarves use this warding ability to protect the main bank of Xen'drik, the enormous pyramid-shaped structure in House Kundarak (known as House K).

House K has a useful central platform, in the southern section of the enclave, where adventurers will find a wide variety of items for sale. Hirelings are available on this platform, too. There's a mailbox and several low level quest entrances nearby. Up the stairs from the platform is a tavern where several of the quests are bestowed. Some of the quests here are pay to play, but there are many that are free, too.

Free to Play Quests in House Kundarak

The Lair of Summoning - Party adventurers should advance slowly in this dungeon. Failure to do so will trigger traps capable of causing death to adventurers, even on normal difficulty level. This adventure isn't particularly challenging for diverse parties who heed the above advice. Normal level success can be achieved by experienced solo adventurers.

Chamber of Insanity - Quests that include undead are especially fun, mostly because undead are interesting monsters. The Chamber of Insanity contains various undead that possess the ability to reduce damage. Damage reduction by wraiths, for example, requires melee characters to employ a ghost touch weapon. Weapons with this powerful magic crafted onto them enable wielders to deal full damage to wraiths and other apparitions.

Ruined Halls - Dungeon explorers that use every possible advantage available are more likely to succeed and attain wealth. This quest could not illustrate that point better. This isn't a complex adventure, but it sure can be a fun one if you have a party of diverse toons. Traps in this adventure can be a problem on hard or elite level of difficulty, and the boxes that kobolds seem to value so much get some well-earned revenge on unwitting characters.

The Forgotten Caverns - Typical troll lairs normally start at an obvious entrance. This quest does not. Be ready for a puzzling beginning that could cause problems for overeager party members. Once in the troll caves, it's a fairly straightforward hack and slash style quest suited for melee characters and DPS (damage per strike) casters. Dungeonraider found a rare collapsed portable hole in a chest within the caves (elite level of difficulty).

The northeastern end of House Kundarak has a port.  From here adventurers can travel to other places where pay to play quests are offered.
The northeastern end of House Kundarak has a port. From here adventurers can travel to other places where pay to play quests are offered. | Source

More Free to Play Quests in House Kundarak

Taming the Flames - This quest is one of those rare adventures that just gets everything about exploring right. The difficulty of this quest is such that even on normal level of difficulty, full parties will be outright challenged to finish it. As it's name suggests, fire damage is going to cause party members problems unless they have brought along a means of fire resistance. Ideally, a caster with fire protection will have decided to join in the fun. Advancing carefully with an evasive rogue in front is the best way to proceed through this quest. Adventurers that employ cold against fire-based creatures will find the going much easier.

Caverns of Korromar - Another adventure that will likely cause failure to most solo players even on normal level of difficulty. The undead in and around the dig site are tough to defeat without taking significant damage. There are several secondary challenges to accomplish within this quest before taking on the final monster - a creature that requires a wise plan to defeat.

Made to Order - Unlike the other lower level quests in House Kundarak, this quest is rated level 11. Rightfully so, this adventure can be a nightmare for inexperienced groups. Some quests just take more than one attempt to master; this is one of the facets of adventuring in Dungeons and Dragons Online that makes it so fun. This is also one of the first real tests that party adventurers will get from a red-named boss. When adventurers get to this level of adventuring, it's important that they know what types of weapon material and magical enhancements bypass damage reduction of certain creatures.

The entrance to the crafting hall in House Kundarak.
The entrance to the crafting hall in House Kundarak. | Source

House Kundarak Crafting Hall

The crafting hall in House Kundarak is one of two known in the lands of Xen'drik. The other is in House Cannith. These halls are where players go to craft new items. Crafting in DDO is based on leveling, the same as character advancement. There are three schools of magic to advance in, and by doing so, players are able to craft more powerful magics onto their items. Very high level crafters never again have to worry about wealth. This isn't an area of Dungeons and Dragons that new players should jump right into.

Understanding how magical effects work on weapons, armor, and other items is important to crafters. It allows them to advance in crafting levels according to a predetermined plan, thereby cutting down on the time and effort required to achieve high level crafter status. The developers at Turbine have released several helpful and ordered crafting guides for beginner crafters.

DDO Bank and Inventory Space

Since House Kundarak is the banker's enclave, it's important to note the importance of bank and inventory space. Character bank space is an important feature that dictates how many items a player can store. Inventory space is reliant on bank space in DDO. Once players advance to higher levels, they'll need more space to store unique or otherwise valuable items that they have no intention of relinquishing.

Completing quests sponsored by House Kundrak grants players favor points. When a player has gained 75 of House K's favor points, he or she will receive a mail telling them to visit a dwarf at the main branch in House K. Doing that will double the player's bank space.

Using the auction house in any sort of meaningful way requires players to have at least achieved Premium level (or VIP status) on their DDO account. The auction house is the best way to get value from items players have no need to carry or store. For free to play players, inventory space and bank space are even more valuable. Look for in game deals on storage and ingredient bags. There is also the possibility of more storage dropping from treasure chests, though this isn't common even on the highest level quests.

House Kundarak is most enjoyable for VIP players simply because they have access to all of its quests. There are interesting story lines for the free quests, though, and the quests themselves are less direct than what some of the other enclaves offer. The main focus of the enclave is on the dwarf, but all types of adventurers will find their way here, eventually.


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    • dungeonraider profile image

      Jason Marovich 6 years ago from United States

      @JohnGreasyGamer - Thanks! The one thing about Dungeons and Dragons is that it's always there waiting for people to come back and explore. The latest Updates (11&12) added an entire enclave of buildings (high level quest hub) and enhanced many of the popular features of the game. Thanks for your comment.

    • JohnGreasyGamer profile image

      John Roberts 6 years ago from South Yorkshire, England

      Ooh, not a bad guide there! I'm gonna have to start playing DDO again and visit this place hehe. ^_^