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Airmech, Strategies to Win With Chopper.

Updated on April 2, 2013

What Makes Choppers Special?

The Chopper is an all around super star. It has the second largest carrying capacity of any Airmech. This makes it ideal for players who tend to focus more on units instead of Airmech viability. With upgrades and boosters you can carry two gemini tanks. That is pretty beastly to say the least.

The carrying capacity is not the only thing good about the chopper. It is the most efficient airmech at killing other airmechs, Air to Ground. It has missiles as a secondary attack. This can be used by the right mouse button. If you hold it down you launch missiles that will lock onto enemy airmechs, air to ground or ground to air either one. They do considerable damage at level 3. Level 3 is accessible at airmech level 4. You get 1 point per level. I highly recommend fully upgrading missiles. A further bonus is that if your mech is in ground mode and you fire missiles they will target enemy non-mech units for massive damage.

The Chopper is akin to a tank on land. It can deal good damage, it can carrying quite a bit and is pretty slow. Don't depend on it to allow you to run from a fight. You sacrifice the speed for the missiles and carrying capacity. This is a worthwhile trade in my mind as the chopper and warthog are the only mechs capable of Air to Ground fighting. The bomber can also fight air to ground and does lots of splash damage. It is fairly difficult to use however.


How to Use The Chopper Effectively

The Chopper is versatile. You have to use that. I find it works best in a dual role, moving units forward and defending them with missiles, this allows you to build less HAAT and Seekers and more Gemeni or Goliaths. This means if you have the same credit income as your opponent you will win land battles. I would suggest staying with one to two seconds distance from an outpost max. This allows you to effectively spam missiles, I realize spam is bad but it really does work. Your tanks will push forward and instantly kill any airmech that chooses to land. Any mech in the air, provided they are not 10 levels ahead of you has 4 seconds on average before you kill them with your missiles. This means they have about two effective seconds to kill your tank line. I don't know anyway that you can do that sort of damage fast enough. Perhaps with bombs but that puts you so far behind in economy and army size that you will lose later on anyway.

The key to the chopper is limiting your anti air and keeping close to your units which you can individually micro around. It allows that versatility and airmech viability that other mechs do not.

I'd say that the Chopper isn't as much of an army mover, and much more as an area defense Mech.
As a Chopper main, I can tell you that the Chopper is not versatile, and is, in fact, niche. It is wholly incapable of chasing down other Mechs (you aren't likely to kill airborne Mechs), but is great at keeping Mechs at a distance. The air missiles allow you to keep other Mechs from trying to snipe your units, and the ground missiles can devastate enemy pushes. Meanwhile, the lack of speed keeps it from doing any type of guerrilla warfare, which is quite important in AirMech.

-superecnate, of Airmech Forums.

Do You Use The Chopper?

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To say the least the chopper is an army mover. It does not do well on a solo backdoor etc. It works best if you use the ability to multi task well. Never rely only on units, or the chopper missiles. You need a combination to win.

I hope you enjoyed this and it helps your game play. I look forward to reading your comments and making this page more helpful.


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