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Alcatraz Review: Mob of the Dead - Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Zombies

Updated on May 20, 2015

Alcatraz is unlike any zombie map we have seen. It brings us various new features such as Afterlife, Explosive Cherry, The Blundergat, Hell's Retriever, The Golden Spork, and The Acid Gat. To acquire many of these items you will need to complete various steps. This makes the game less tedious and more objective focused.

The new weapons make this large map playable. There are many small passageways, bottlenecks, and dead ends. This would be hard to manage if you did not have so many powerful weapons. A player can carry two guns, Hell's Retriever, a Zombie Shield, Claymores, grenades, and the Golden Spork.

Alcatraz Story

The story is new and exciting. Four prisoners have developed a plan to leave the island by building a makeshift airplane. As they put their plan into action they quickly realize that something is not right. The guard they killed gets back up, but he is no longer human. All four prisoners are killed by zombies after a short struggle. This allows the game to start in Afterlife.

This sets the stage for players to try to build the plane and get off the island. Task lists and parts inventories can be found on the walls in the prison. It also sets the stage for the Easter Egg, which tells the real story.

Note: The dates in the Story do not match actual events. When listening to the story after completing the Easter Egg, we are told that they were executed in January 1934, but Alcatraz Prison was not opened until August of 1934.



The new Afterlife Mode is the most unique addition to zombies. Afterlife is triggered by either going down or bring yourself down using an electrical box. While in Afterlife you can revive yourself, open specific doors, unlock special weapons, see clues that are not regularly visible, teleport zombies, and travel through portals. You receive one Afterlife each round but can only accumulate one in a multiplayer game or three in a solo game.


New Weapons

The new weapons in Alcatraz are amazing. By using these weapons you can decimate hoards of zombies quicker then ever before. They include:

Each weapon has its own unique benefits:

  • The Golden Spork is a one hit kill until Round 35.
  • Hell's Retriever acts like a boomerang, going back to your inventory.
  • The rounds from the Acid Gat attracts zombies.
  • The Death Machine has a large clip size.
  • The Blundergat can kill multiple zombies with one shot.


There are five available perks in Alcatraz:

  • Jugger-Nog
  • Speed Cola
  • Double Tap
  • Deadshot Daiquiri
  • Explosive Cherry

Explosive Cherry is the newest addition to the Perk Family. It has quickly become one of my favorites. When you reload our weapon you are surrounded in electricity. Zombies that are close will be stun and sometimes killed. Using this Perk properly will allow you to slip out of tight squeezes.

Once again we were trolled, but this time with Flopper and Mule-Kick. Both of these perks can be found on the docs but can not be used.

Ability to Train

There are many good areas for running trains in Alcatraz. Some of the favorites are the Roof, the Bridge, the Showers, the Docks, and the Cafeteria. In order to increase your ability to run these areas I suggest equipping the Zombie Shield. It will protect your back and allow you to get out of tight areas.


I have more fun playing this map than any previous map. There is never a dull moment in this task packed map. During the early rounds you are occupied by building the plane, getting Hell's Retriever, and open the Golden Spork. By the time you finish the rounds are late enough to be exciting.


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    • profile image

      Zack5578 2 years ago

      This map is terrible! It messes up your KD its not worth buying..