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Aliens Vs Predator 3 The Game

Updated on January 15, 2010

The Alien and the Predator films were something of iconic classics in their own right,downright horrifying in certain scenes and enough to scare the wits out of most movie goers when they were first released.As with any big movie there is usually a game tie-in however when these movies were released the standard of video games were not that high,in fact there have been 5 games featuring either both species or individual ones,the last being 9 years ago,as im sure you can appreciate we have come a long way in video gaming since then,which leads me to the new game,Aliens vs Predator,being released on pc,xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 it is looking rather good,release date is scheduled for February 26th although i expect America will get it a couple of days earlier than that.Featuring both species and also the marines that were in the alien films this is looking special,also having online multi-player is going to make this one hell of a game.

Aliens vs Predator

Story mode

Story mode seems like a good place to start as it will be where you start from.You have three story's you can play,you can play as either the marine,alien or predator,The marines story gives you the role of rookie with nothing but a handgun for protection,and as you may have guessed its not long before most people are killed and your on your own,this is where the makers ramp up the tension as you have a motion tracker which beeps when you are near something moving.I wont give too much away but it is absolutely terrifying and when you do eventually meet one of the creatures you end up just spraying bullets all over the place in fright,and like the films you never really get a good look at the creature.Yikes!!!!!!!!!,

With Alien mode you start out bursting from some unlucky hosts chest and from then on in most of your missions involve smashing stuff and killing marines,with the alien you are extremely fast and can run on both walls and ceilings,which is very disorientating at first but once mastered will make you a lethal killing machine as you drop down form the darkness and dispatch a marine with a swift bite to the head,Being a marine on multi-player is going to be downright horrifying.

With predator mode,you have the ability of jumping from object to object and prehaps your best ability is your cloaking device which makes you virtually invisible as you pounce from tree to tree,you also have a shoulder mounted gun and blades attached to your wrists for melee kills,the predator will be most peoples first choice as he can kill from far away or up close and personal,master one and you will be a legend.


The graphics are second to none with both creatures and marines captured in all their glory,when one of the creatures bursts out at you for the first time it truly is terrifying as they are rendered so well,the lighting is some of the best i have seen and the makers have used it so incredibly well it just adds to the already incredible tension played out throughout the whole game.Just study the screenshots below to see what i mean.




Not a lot is known about multi-player except that with people playing as aliens and hiding in air vents ready to drop down out of the dark and with people playing as the predator being invisible and waiting to take your head off with one swift swipe while dropping out of the tree's it is going to be truly terrifying,i cant wait,bring it on.February 26Th people,or 19Th for America i believe.

First sneak peek

Marines trailer

Predator trailer

Alien trailer


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    • Dame Scribe profile image

      Dame Scribe 8 years ago from Canada

      I am spooked already, lol. I think my sons are going to love this! Great introduction! :)