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Alistair from Dragon Age quizz

Updated on September 11, 2010
Alistair from dragon age
Alistair from dragon age

A little background

Well, I just felt the need to make this quiz about Alistair from Dragon Age as a little tribute. Bear with me, this is my first quiz ever so it's pretty short. However, I laughed my socks off at some of the funny and witty dialogue in Dragon Age with Alistair and the Dog in the party, so even if you finished the game I highly recommend another playthrough. Too bad he only made a cameo appearance in the expansion, enough about that though, have fun!

Here's the quizz, have fun!

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One last thing

Feel free to check my other Dragon Age related articles, I'm still planning to write more!:)

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    • profile image

      Matthew 6 years ago

      You said that alistair is the first companion which is wrong. As a dwarf noble your first companion is Gorim. As human noble your first companion is a mabari warhound. As a mage your first companion is Jowen and Lily.

    • profile image

      Dane 6 years ago

      You can also meet Wynne before you meet Alistair, she just doesn't join you then.

    • profile image

      Peter 6 years ago

      If your a Nobel your Dog is the first companion you encounter!