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All About Cyberpunk 2077

Updated on July 8, 2020
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Ghost of Tsushima going to release on july 17. All you need to know about the game is here.

About Cyberpunk 2077

Almost 7 years ago, CD PROJEKT RED announced their next game to be Cyberpunk 2077. And after waiting for such a long time they officially give us the Cyberpunk 2077 trailer, Ingame images etc. These game has gained a great hype as the makers are the same who created The Witcher 3 another masterpiece and it was the best selling game. There has been lots of speculation on development of the game as it is been a very large project and has to keepup the people's thoughts who had played the studios recent game like The Witcher 3. The game was announced during the 2012 CD Projekt Red Summer Conference as the official video game adaption of Mike Pondsmith's pen and paper RPG Cyberpunk 2020.

Inside Look Of Game

The game is set in the futuristic imaginary metropolis of Night City. It is in the Free State of Northern California. Due to economic collapse in early stages the whole government has to rely on different Private Corporation which deal in biotech and other robotic assignments.

We play a character named V whose backstory depend on what we select during the character modification. Three different types of stories are available which give you three different start points for your story. There are many modification options available in the game. The modifications include:

  • Hair color
  • Hair style
  • Skin type
  • Body tattoos
  • Body Scars
  • Genitals

You can also pick different outfits as you like, but according to your outfits you will be judged by people around you. Example, If you were a funky gangster outfit the people will scare more and other street gangsters will try to make conversation with you.


Cyberpunk 2077 is totally a futuristic game with different approaches to the plot of the game. Many different modifications and different story lines are available in the start. There are three backstories to choose:

  • The Corporate
  • The Nomad
  • Street Kid

The Corporate: Corporate backstory will make you more comfortable with the people working in the organizations and the high level corporate people. You will be making your way up from these people and you will get to know more about inside organisation people easily.

The Nomad: This story line is type of middle man or you can say just a regular man in the city. You are lone wolf and has to deal about your problems yourself. You don't have much connections in the city so you need to explore it and try to make your way.

Street Kid: This story line is somewhat challenging as you are already a gang member and always have threat of being attacked by another gangsters. But in this story line you would have many connections and you will be knowing the whole city and a bunch of knowledge about the city's big scams.

You can also break the current story line if you want, example if you are playing corporate story line you will be in the bunch of corporate groups you can betray them and make your way to the street kid story line by making gangsters your friend.


Cyberpunk 2077 is a great RPG action game, which you can also call a mixture of GTA 5, Watch Dogs 2 and The Witcher 3. The game gives you lot of plot points with all different story line to start with. There are three story lines for you start. Character modification is at a new level and you should do it responsibly as it will affect your game on the further run.

The game offers you all new weapons with futuristic guns and modifications. There is cyberware which you have to install it in your character and it will help ypu gain some new ability. You can play the game with the stealthy approach if you don't like to have mess around you or you have the approach of combat in which you just move forward by killing whoever comes in your way.

Several different cars, and motorbikes are also there and it is there the game offers you the third person option otherwise the game is a first person game. You can roam the whole city as the map is much larger you can see the futuristic city and explore it's way of life.

The whole game plot changes as you select to move in the situation then and there provided. You have to make your decision wisely to move forward without being killed. This game also offers you two different roles to start. The roles include:

  • Netrunner: This is where you are a proffessional hacker with bunch of other hackers. You can play a stealthy game without killing too many people.
  • Solo: This is a combat based approach you have to make your way to the top by using guns, fighting with different gangs and exploring the drug mafias for more internal informations.


CD PROJEKT RED has planned to release the multiplayers option in 2022 as they want people to get to know about the game it's storyline. Studio wants the players to play the whole storyline from different background stories. They want their players to play the DLC they will add as it will increase more story and also the map will get more bigger for the players to get to sink more deep in the game. Studio has given information on multiplayer option says it will be more developed to have intense fighting and different skills for players will also be made available.

That Hit Star Face

Yes it is true, the hit hollywood star Keanu Reeves will play the character of digital-ghost of iconic Rockerboy, Johnny Silverhand. He has done the shoot of 15 days which means he will be having a long conversation and appearance in the game.

Being played by Keanu Reeves the game has gained the massive hype as the star also has been cast in the futuristic movie series like matrix. The fans are all eagerly waiting for the game. The trailer hit a very large amount of people attraction and is being tallked all over the internet.

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