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All You Need to Know About Watch Dogs Legion

Updated on July 11, 2020
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Every chunk of information on Watch Dogs Legion is here. Read the full article to know more about the game.


Watch Dogs: Legion was teased by Ubisoft on June 5 2019. They officially revealed more about game during E3 2019 event. Game is developed by Ubisoft Torornto with Clint Hocking as the director of the game. Clint Hocking has previously worked on games like Far Cry and Far Cry 2.

Watch Dogs: Legion is the sequel of Watch Dogs 2 and the main focus of the game is on Dedsec's hackers group who are combating against the authorities who had taken their control over United Kingdom. The game is set in the fictional london where everywhere are cameras and army and drones are present. Watch Dogs: Legion has added many new items and hacking devices and new character modifications.


After the most livelier and colourful San Francisco in Watch Dogs 2 ubisoft is now bringing it's player to futuristic London. It is not an exact replica of the London but a near future fiction is added to it with a little Cyberpunk open world touch to the city. Set in the near future london has become a orwellian dystopia it's a survelliance state a city filled with cameras and drones with Big Brother always keeping an eye on all the citizens. The hacker organization Dedsec as always is standing against the authoritarian regime and building the resistance against them.


Watch Dogs: Legion is an action-adventure game with a vast open world to play. Players will play in third person perspective. Players can roam the city using vehicles or by foot. There is also and option of fast travel via the city's underground stations. You have to recruit different characters in the game as this game will focus on many different characters than to focus on single characters. The recruited characters will have to choose one of the three classes:

  • Combat
  • Stealth
  • Hacking

according to their selection of class they will play throughout the game with the same class.

Non-Non Playable Characters:

In Watch Dogs: Legion you will be able to play the NPC(Non Playable Characters). Players can recruit every NPCs in DedSecs cause as you gather and fight back against the London authoritarian regimes. Every recruited NPC can be played and infact that's player will be playing entire time there is no single protagonist in Watch Dogs: Legion. Every character in the London is protagonist and player has to decide who gets to make through the story. Every character in London whichever you select will have their own life and backstory. Some of them may be good at using drones, some of them have combat skills and some of them might be pro hackers.

In Game Cut scenes Changes:

As game is offering you to play any character as your wish many of the people have doubts on how the story will move. Ubisoft confirmed that the cut scenes in the game will change according to the characters in action which will help to bind the story together.

Recruitment Missions:

For playing the NPCs you need to first recruit those in the DedSec. You can do these by solving their problems and convincing them to join your cause. Anyone who is been harassed by overly powerful police force you just save them and they will join your cause allowing you to switch to them and play as them.


This is the most interesting aspect which will take Play as anyone thing on another level. Every character you play in Watch Dogs: Legion dies permanently. As shown in the gameplay demonstration during E3 even if your character is in mission and it dies it will die permanently. Then you can either play as other recruited player or find someone with the required skillset and recruit it to play.

Getting Arrested or Captured:

Death is not only the problem in this game but if your character gets arrested then you have to take control of another character that has been recruited. If you want your lost character back then you have to rescue it by another character which you have taken control over.

Combat & Gadgets:

Stealth & Melee combats are the two approaches for the players. There is strong emphasis on stealthy approach as it will make easy for players to move forward. If you are not interested in stealthy approach game still offers you the non-lethal combat as the weapons used in the game are non-lethal.

Gadgets play big part in Watch Dogs series and will also be seen in Watch Dogs: Legion. There are plenty of new gadgets like SpiderBots and cloaking devices which will make you temporarily invisible.

Release Date

Watch Dogs: Legion was first teased on June 5, 2019 on twitter by Ubisoft. Watch Dogs: Legion official announcement was done at E3 in 2019. The game was originally going to release on March 6, 2020. In October 2019, Ubisoft announced that the game will be delayed until an unspecified date. Studio confirmed that game will be released for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. It will also be available for Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Google Stadia.

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