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Alternative Board Game Rules: Chess

Updated on July 18, 2012
Want some new rules to add to your game of chess?
Want some new rules to add to your game of chess?

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Despite being the most popular board game in the world, there is still a huge percentage of the general population who are confused by its rules...

  • Does my horsey move backwards?
  • What does 'check' mean?
  • Isn't a pawn something you find in rude magazines?

Well before you read on, take this warning:

This article will not teach you the real rules for chess - it will teach you some fun alternatives you can add to your existing game to give it a twist. Enjoy!

Alternative rules for playing chess

Ok, so here they are - the top 5 alternative rules you can add in to your game of chess. Enjoy.

  1. Seeing double. This will test your strategic abilities to the limit. Instead of having the regular King and Queen, the King rules apply to both. In other words, you are now playing without a Queen and with two kings. To win, you must get either one of the opponents kings in to check mate.
  2. Adjustable front line. Your front line of defense in the fierce battle of wits (your pawns) may now move forward or backward.
  3. All shook up. The players may set up the back line in any order they desire. To avoid unfair advantages and arguments, it is advised that each piece is placed on a turn-based basis until all pieces are set up.
  4. Narrow path. Make the board narrower and the game a little different. Simple 'shave off' the edge row from both the left and the right of the board (not literally - unless you want to be doomed to play this version for the rest of your life). This means you begin the game with 2 less pawns each, no rooks (the castle-like pieces) and a more restricted area on which to fight your war.
  5. Immortality. This is a silly rule that doesn't make for very satisfying game-play and is nearly impossible to win. Quite simply, the rule is that you may not take any pieces. You must win the game through check-mate and no blood shed. This version will usually get you stuck more often than anything else, but it's a good concept so I included it.


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