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A Review & Guide on Rewards Sites & How-To-Guide to FREE Microsoft Points & Products

Updated on August 16, 2009

#1 Review and How-To: The New Points2Shop Site - Free Microsoft Points Anyone (among other things!)?

There are a TON of rumours going around about the ability and method on getting free Microsoft Points to use on Xbox Live. Most methods are long drawn out systems that it takes too long to get the points to make them worth your time, while other methods are in fact legit but are too cryptic to understand.

Here I report on another method that worked for me, without the tiresome or tedious methods of other systems. I then also show you how to work it and finally give a review on my first new reward site exploration on my NEW HUB!!

So what?

This method revolves around the idea of "Points for Activity" via Points2Shop. Now, this might sound like a mouthful but it really isn't. A new reward site has linked itself to which actually rewards its active members with points or cash for their activity on the site - and this is where I can show you how to get free stuff including Microsoft Points and products off of The method is relatively simple and most people can start going in a few minutes. Members have the opportunity to make a lot via this new system - but the amount you make is strictly up to you.

Now that my preachy almost evangelical comments are out the way, I need to show you what im talking about as not to sound spammy. This is a method, and a how-to-guide, nothing more. Each and everyone of you will have different methods on getting rewards from this process, but the foundation can be found here.


Now the process is simple as shown in the video above. Capitalizing MORE on it only requires a few easy steps. That is, once you log in and are familiar with what I am discussing - click EARN POINTS.

This will show you the options for earning points and cash via this process - some are better than others depending on each individual's skill.


These are generally quite difficult once you start out - but get easier when you practice. We recommend you give the tutorial a test-drive before actually risking points. Yes it costs points to throw down, in order to win more here. If you get good at it however... it can be very lucrative.

Shooting Game: TIP: Reload when there is a lull in the targets. Do this quickly so you can rapidly fire on newly appearing clusters. Dont worry about losing a few accuracy points when doing this.

Racing Game: LOWER points means better - like golf. TIP: Swing around wide around the turns and step on it. This will line you up for the next turn or straight away.

Free Offers:

These are relatively simple to complete and are the main way to acquire new points and cash for new members. To do these simply go to EARN POINTS >> FREE OFFERS (daily surveys are also good here) and look at the list. You can sort by approval rating or point limit if you desire, but generally the higher approval rating the better. To do one simply click "Take Me to Offer" in a new browser window or tab. Fill out the information as requested until you reach the "FInal Steps" window (you do not need to go past this point). If along the way you reach a vertical window with yes/no boxes - simply click no to all and continue. Whenever asked to fill out similar information on the first page - always look for a SKIP/PASS button and skip/pass everything until you get to the final steps. Once you reach that window, close the tab and click "Mark as Completed" on the green check box on the original offer list. You are DONE!

The offer will then be approved between 15 minutes - 24 hours in most cases, and the points are yours. Easy pee-zee.

Current Review:

As a relatively new member myself I find the site relatively good. The shout box on the left hand is a great place to chat live to new members and moderators - and a great way to get help when you are fresh and new. The games are usually what draws new players in, but the skill level is quite high at the start which makes it a little frustrating. The offers page is quite organized, and the process to complete the offer is relatively simple ONCE you know how to do one... which gets some getting used to on the first go. The search and filter process sometimes doesn't work, and searching for a product to purchase with your points sometimes drowns you as there are simply sooooo many items to go through until you find the one you are looking for - though the search field sometimes helps here, keywords seem relatively cryptic.

The active members seem nice, and the ability to click a person's name in the shout box to see how much they are earning is a fun little few-second passed time. It seems there is large opportunity here as some members have earned a few thousand dollars rather quickly but the majority of users will cash out within a few days as the start-up rewards are high - which is good if you want freebies and which is good for them via marketing.

All in all I rate this reward site:



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