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American vs English Drinking Game

Updated on October 17, 2010
set up for kings
set up for kings

The classic drinking game that rules over college campuses has some serious differences across the pond. Here are the rules for both:

American Verision

Ace- Waterfall or Hotseat
Two - You
Three - Me
Four - Floor
Five - Guys
Six - Chicks
Seven - Heaven
Eight - Mate
Nine - Rhyme
Ten - Categories
Jack - Never Have I Ever
Queen - Questions
King - Make a Rule

English Version:

Ace- Waterfall
Two - 2 for you
Three - 3 for me
Four - Whores (1-4 drinks)
Five - Game of Fives
Six - Dicks (1-4 Drinks)
Seven - Heaven
Eight - Mate
Nine - Categories
Ten - Down your Drink
Jack- Make a Rule
Queen - Rhyming Game
King - Dirty Pint

Some of these may need explanations....

Waterfall- the person who draws the card starts drinking. each person after him has to drink until the person before them stops. In the English version, if the person before you finishes their drink, you have to finish as well.

Hotseat- The person who draws the card must answer a question from each person in the circle. Can get quite personal and hilarious.

Floor- Everyone must touch the floor. Last person to touch it must drink.

Game of Fives - Person who drew the card would shout out 5, 10, 15, 20 (20 would be my own fist) followed by any one of these numbers. As I shout out the number each player can either extend their hand (5) or keep it clenched (0). If I manage to guess the total (10 would be 2 people with 5 and 2 with 0) then I am out of the game. If not play continues and the next person must shout out a number (must be 5, 10, 15 etc..) between 0 and the largest possible multiple of 5. (This is English and I have no idea how to play it even though the English boyfriend has explained it MANY times to me.)

Heaven - Everyone puts their hands up. Last person to put up their hand has to drink.

Mate - Pick a mate and every time either one of you drinks, the other has to drink as well.

Rhyme - Person who draws the card says a word. The players in the circle have to rhyme with that word or drink.

Categories - Person who draws the card says a category and people in the circle have to come up with items in that category, (ie: Cars, Cereal, Beer, etc)

Never Have I Ever - Everyone puts 3 fingers up. Starting with the person who drew the card, everyone says "never have I ever..." done something. If someone has done it they put a finger down. First one with no fingers up has to drink. Again, gets quite personal and hilarious.

Questions - Everyone has to speak in questions. If you answer or ask the person who asked you, you have to drink.

Dirty Pint - Everyone pours some of their drink into a cup on the table and you have to drink it. Yum!


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      Andre 2 years ago

      Your answer shows real ingtllieence.