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An Easter Egg Guide: Black Ops Zombies "Moon" DLC

Updated on July 8, 2017

A Galaxy of Hidden Easter Eggs Inside Black Ops "Moon"

Treyarch always has something hiding up their sleeves, especially when it comes to something as collossal as the end of the popular Zombies Mode for Call of Duty: Black Ops. There are a few hidden easter eggs in the new map "Moon" including a new hidden song, mega easter egg of insanity, and a new round boss with a special surprise for the game's host.

Elena Siegman Is “Coming Home”

Musical easter eggs have become the norm when it comes to new Black Ops Zombies DLC and in some cases, like the new map “Moon”; we have the pleasure of searching the massive gaming environment for 2 new hidden songs. Not since Nacht Der Untoten have we seen more than one musical easter egg in the same map.

Whether it is slicing at a radio, clicking the action button on a Tunguska Meteor shard, or locating all of the hidden Teddy Bears in a map, Treyarch usually calls on one artist to make beautiful music together with. Her name is Elena Siegman, and once again, she comes through with another growling hit called “Coming Home.”

Activating this hidden song comes easy, if you can find all of the Astronaut Teddy Bears! The space helmet wearing bears can easily be found and when you find and activate all three, the new song “Coming Home” by Elena Siegman, will begin to play.

The first bear can be found once you teleport from Area 51 to the first room in the Moon Space Station. Pick the door on the right, or the left, and head downstairs. See that stack of red boxes? It’s got your first bear sitting on it, waiting for you to activate it by pressing the action button. The next is in one of the double door entrance ways, where you can grab a Space Suit and feel safe knowing you can breathe again. Look behind the metal grate to find the next Teddy Bear. The third one can be found in the square computer room area. There is a vent that is open on the wall and you can just see the bear’s helmet popping out. When you activate the 3 bears, get ready to shred away at zombies to some killer new death metal by Elena Siegman.

The second song is so much easier and only requires the activation of one computer. Head over to the Double Tap Perk Machine and check out the computers that line the walls in that room. You can activate a song from Dead Ops Arcade, by pressing the action button on one of these computers, which should be along the wall, opposite of the Double Tap Perk Machine. Much easier, this time around, eh?

Our Friend the Moon Stalker

The ominous Space Man that stalks players around the map trying to crack open their Space Helmets and sending them to the beginning of the map, has an easter egg of his very own! Look above his space helmet and if you are host, you just may see the name of someone in your profile’s Friends List. Originally though t to have been an actual teammate in that suit, the Moon Stalker is computer controlled AI and not the result of being downed in the new Rezurrection Map, “Moon.”

The Cryogenic Slumber Party

Completing Richtofen’s Grand Scheme is the name of the game and although the complete steps have yet to be revealed, there are quite a few hints that have been uncovered. There are 6 Audio Reels that give clues to this massively Mega Easter Egg, and Samantha has been confirmed through these recordings as being locked inside that big Black Triangle (you know the one, I’m sure) where the Power Switch is located. As seen in some helpful gaming videos, there is also a piece of wire laying around somewhere that goes to something and also it has been confirmed that the Hacker Device and the new Wonder Weapons will also come into play. When the complete steps have been discovered, you can count on me to Hub about it!

As for any more new easter eggs, please feel free to share them in the comments section, to help others on their final quest into Space, to bring an end to the madness that we know and love, Black Ops Zombies! Farewell, for now!

Complete Steps to Moon's Mega Easter Eggs

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    • profile image

      kewldewdsnapple 5 years ago

      hi mi name is kewldewd snapple i play zombies(balck ops)moon lvl and i need help finding the easter egg songs for the moon lvl and whoever wants to play moon lvl just add me also i play black ops on the ps3 so thank you

    • profile image

      I'm sorry, but wheres the square computer room? and wheres the vent? 5 years ago

      in my name space is my question

    • profile image

      Zombies Freak 5 years ago

      You forgot a third song on Moon. If you complete the "One Giant Leap" achievement/trophy, then the song "Nightmare" by Avenged Sevenfold plays.

    • Matthew Hotaling profile image

      Matthew Hotaling 5 years ago from Missouri

      You can only turn the songs in each map on, once per game. You can download the entire album of black ops zombies from the link on any of my pages. If its not on this one, it is probably on any of the other Black Ops Zombies pages or at Thanks for commenting!

    • Matthew Hotaling profile image

      Matthew Hotaling 5 years ago from Missouri

      I am currently offline. But when I do get back on I will add you. Thanks for commenting!

    • profile image

      secret 5 years ago

      How many times can you turn on the song?

    • profile image

      Cameron 5 years ago

      Add Me On Moon Louie98563 i have a mic