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What to Expect From Overwatch's Newest Heroine, Brigitte

Updated on March 3, 2018
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"Giving you a little extra!"
"Giving you a little extra!" | Source

Brigitte's Kit



The daughter of the renowned weapons creator Torbjörn, Brigitte follows in her father's passion for mechanical engineering, albeit she focused on the defensive aspect of this family craft.

With her arrival, you can expect to see Repair Packs thrown on the battlefield that can heal the wounds of her teammates. Her alleaviating prowess doesn't stop there though, since she will automatically heal her nearby companions whenever she deals damage with her Rocket Flail, equipped with two attacking options: either a wide swing for multiple hits, or a Whip Shot that knocks an enemy at range.

The newcomer's other specialization is defense; she will carry a Barrier Shield for her personal protection while she strikes her enemies with Shield Bash. To put the icing in the cake of this already impressive kit, Brigitte’s ultimate ability Rally will boost speed while suplying long-lasting armor to all her nearby companions.


At the time of writing, she seems to excel in brawly team compositions with a pushy playstyle, provided you have an extra healer at her side.

Also, she is expected to be a great counter to highly agressive team compositions with great mobility, known as a dive comp in Overwatch jargo.

A jumping tank like Winston will suffer greatly with a well placed Whip Shot in mid air, while fast moving heroes like Genji and Tracer will want to avoid her Shield Bash, which will stun them and pretty much guarantee their fall.

Her healing capabilities combined with tanks with high sustainability like Roadhog or her Godfather Reinhardt, will constitute a very hard wall to breach while in defense.

With a very decent health pool of 200 HP and 50 armor, this tank-like support hero is still being tweaked before she is allowed to be generally available, so her final version, as such, is still in the works.

Currently, she is playable in the PTR (PublicTest Realm), where players are still giving feedback on her performance to Blizzard, the developers, before she has her full release, which is expected in a few weeks, or rather "soon" as Blizzard likes to say.

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