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Ancient Warfare 2 Review and Gameplay

Updated on October 20, 2017
Ancient Warfare 2 Cover
Ancient Warfare 2 Cover | Source


Before I describe the gameplay in words, I recommend that you take a look at the video below.

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This game has some pretty good elements for a war simulator. It's still in development, so there's a possibility that it can have some bugs within it, but so far I haven't found or encountered any bugs. This game has lots of interesting aspects and one of my favorite features is that you can make your own unit or your own army and fight against other units or armies. The fact that this game is a war simulator is why I love it so much. The best part of playing is creating a big army!

Ancient Warfare 2 Army
Ancient Warfare 2 Army | Source

Another great feature of this game is that you can use some tank units, or, to be more specific, some units with big bodies or whatever else you can imagine, to build up your forces. I personally love the war elephant. One time I put three war elephants into a small bit of space and they collided into each other and died! The elephant riders ended up getting squashed by their elephant's feet. I wish I had recorded that moment! Anyway, for a game that's still in development, Ancient Warfare 2 is pretty damn enjoyable.

Ancient Warfare 2 War Elephant
Ancient Warfare 2 War Elephant | Source

Ancient Warfare 2 Review

To be honest, despite its cool and appealing elements, a game like Ancient Warfare 2 still needs a lot of work and improvement.


  • Its gameplay is fun and very bloody.
  • The gameplay of Ancient Warfare 2 is very engaging.
  • The game has very few bugs compared to other games (but I haven't encountered any of the bugs yet, so I cannot provide much insight on the ones that do exist).
  • You can switch camera perspectives, which is a super cool feature.


  • It is occasionally prone to being a bit laggy, so it needs some good optimization.
  • The movement speed should be increased and it should include a fast PvP type of war.
  • The enemies are too easy to kill and the AI should create more of a challenge for players.

Well, that wraps up my list of the pros and cons for this game. When I reflect on the pros and cons, I think that the first thing that should be fixed is the game's movement speed. While playing in the conquest mode and the King of the Hill mode, I felt pretty bored because of the slow movement speed. I also think the game developer should make updates on a regular basis. This game has been available to play for a long time but, there haven't been many updates.The game developers should engage with their audience more so that they can figure out how to please their audience.

Fun Main Features

  • First of all, since this game is a war simulator, it has a feature that allows players to create custom armies and this feature was smoothly and expertly placed in the game.
  • Another great feature is the map editor. You can place your own castles, structures, and objects on the map. The structures can be destroyed, but players can also add custom units and place them where ever they want. I think the map editing aspect of this game allows the players to be creative. Players should have more editing options when it comes to the maps in this game.
  • Another cool feature enables players to host an ocean battle between boats. It's a great feature and it made me feel like a pirate. I haven't seen this type of feature in many other war simulation games, so it adds a unique aspect to Ancient Warfare 2.


When judging the gameplay of Ancient Warfare 2, I would rate it 8 out of 10. I love this game's features and I truly think it's a masterpiece, but I also think the game's developers have to work on it and keep improving it, otherwise, people will get bored easily. The game developers should aim to consistently add new content. They should try to add an update to the game at least once a week. I rated this game as a 8 out of 10 because first of all, the optimization isn't that good. I don't care whether a little FPS drop happens or not, but many gamers hate when the FPS drops. Personally, I have a low-end PC so I am kinda used to that kind of occurrence.

Another factor in my opinion of Ancient Warfare 2 is the game's movement speed. The movement speed has made the game slow and if PvP battles are slow then there is no fun in it. I think they should improve the movement speed, otherwise I think the other game modes are going to be pretty boring, especially the King of the Hill and the Conquest modes. So I hope they will improve these aspects of the game.


At the end, I just want to know your thoughts on my videos and this article. So if you have just a bit time, please write a comments on what I need to improve or cover in my game assessments. I hope you enjoyed this article and if you're interested in playing Ancient Warfare 2, you can download the game at its official site.


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