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Angry Birds What Is The Mighty Eagle? - Explained, Tips, Features, Cheats

Updated on November 23, 2012

Recently Angry Birds has introduced the Mighty Eagle character to the game. If you want to know what exactly the mighty eagle is and how it works then you have come to the right place. Here we will look at the pros and cons of using the mighty eagle, see what exactly is does, see if it is classed as a cheat, how to use it and see if it’s worth downloading. If you want to know how the mighty eagle from angry birds works then this guide will tell you.

Angry birds is probably the most well known iPhone and iPad game there is. It is also now very popular on android and there are millions of people playing this game all over the world. One of the reasons why the game has remained so popular over the months is that it is constantly being updated with new levels and new features. The mighty eagle is the latest of these features.

What Is The Mighty Eagle?


Basically the mighty eagle is a new character that has been introduced to the game. However it is a little different from the more traditional characters. This is more of a game add on than anything else. You have to pay to get the mighty eagle character, there is talk of it being a free download but for now it cost 99c or 59p. The mighty eagle is not something that is essential when you play angry birds, it’s just used as an extra little bit of fun.

The main reason people like using the mighty eagle is that it can complete any level for you. You use the eagle on a tricky level and it will complete it and you can move on to the next one. When you use the eagle on an angry birds level there is an eagle icon that will appear so that you know you have used it on that particular level. When you use the eagle on a level that you have not already completed you have to wait an hour before you can use it again. If you have already completed the level you can go back and use the mighty eagle as many times as you like.

Mighty Eagle Demo

How To Use The Mighty Eagle


The eagle is very simple to use. When you are on a level that you are having problems with you simply click the icon at the top right of the screen. Now your birds will disappear and a can of sardines will replace them. You launch the can of sardines at the pigs, then it will come to rest somewhere. Next a giant eagle screeches across the screen and destroys everything in it’s path. Even if you don’t hit every pig the eagle will automatically destroy them so you complete the level.

The mighty eagle in angry birds is very easy to use when it comes to finishing the levels. There is no real skill involved it just simply a way of getting past a level that you are unable to complete, thus unlocking the next one. But what about using the eagle to get masses of points, find golden eggs and obtain 3 stars on levels?

The New Mighty Eagle Game


When the mighty eagle came on the scene fans of angry birds complained that it was a cheat and a form of cheating to get big scores. However, using the mighty eagle does not increase your scores or give you any extra stars. When you use the eagle you are not awarded any points, so if you are looking to boost your score then the mighty eagle is pretty useless. However, there is a new features that runs together with the eagle.

When you use the mighty eagle you are awarded a percentage that appears on a feather. To get full marks of 100% you must achieve total destruction. This basically means every object on the screen must be destroyed. On some levels this is quite easy whereas on other it can be very difficult. So the makers of angry birds have basically created a game within a game, now the challenge is to get 100% on all the levels, something that is extremely difficult. One thing that will help people though is the fact that you can use your other birds first to destroy some of the objects, then you can bring in the mighty eagle to take out whatever is left over.

The mighty eagle on angry birds is an interesting new feature that certainly adds a new dimension to the game. Although it is not something that you need to purchase it is an interesting little add on that is well worth paying for. You can download the mighty eagle simply by following the directions in the game itself. Hopefully this guide will have told you all you need to know about the angry birds mighty eagle.


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    • profile image

      Hoyt 6 years ago

      Problem is I bought the Eagle and there is no icon at the top right of MY screen, nor any other place for that matter. Since I also paid for the "full" game, I find it quite repugnant to be stuck on 1-21, with no Eagle and no way to play the other levels.