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Nintendo Animal Crossing ~ City Folk

Updated on April 13, 2024

a Players Review

Animal Crossing is excellent entertainment for children ages 5 to 12, and many adults enjoy it as well. The came can be difficult for younger children because players must to be able to read the speech bubbles, since the 'animals' speak in players choice of two languages.. animalese or bebebese, niether of which can be understood by humans. However, I have observed 3-5 year-olds have a great time playing the game while having absolutely no idea what's going on.

Up to four humans can live in the town which the first player gives a name upon on his/her initial trip to town. Upon arrival in town, players can wander around the town, familiarizing themselves with the layout, meeting animals that already live there, and take a peek inside any of the four empty houses. Upon leaving an empty house, Mr. Tom Nook, a raccoon, approaches the player and presents the opportunity to purchase the house and work for him in order begin payment of the first mortgage. Then, after completing a part time job working for him, the player is free to do as he/she pleases. Mr. Nook owns the only store in town, and that is where you sell fruit, fish, bugs, and other items gathered around town. The town money is called bells, and the players use bells to pay off their mortgage, create savings account, buy tools, furniture & housewares for their homes, toys, seeds, trees, toys, flowers, etc.

There are a variety of activities, events, and tournaments to participate in throughout the seasons of the year, which are accurately depicted with winter snow, spring rains, summer heat, and autumn colors. Birthdays and holidays are recognized as special occasions, and there are many fun surprises to be discovered during various town festivals & monthly flea markets. Fruit, bug catching, and fishing are available throughout the year, and one of each bug and fish are welcomed donations to the town museum, where there is also an observatory where players can create custom constellations, and a cafe for a quick cup of coffee and a Saturday night concert by Striker the white dog, who always presents you a copy of his music to play in your cd player, or whatever music player you have in your house. The town also has the Able Sisters Store for purchasing varied clothing and making your own designs for shirts, wallpaper, flooring, and umbrellas.

Animals move in and out of town, but usually indicate if they are planning to move, giving players the opportunity to OK the move, or beg them to stay.. They are available for as much or as little interaction as the players desire.

The biggest difference between City Folk, and the other two games is that players get to catch a bus and go to the city.. there they can get their hair done, their shoes shined, their fortune told, see a show, check out the Auction House, pick up a free balloon or bubbles, visit Gracie's Grace, Animal Crossings version of Rodeo Drive, or visit the seedy side of town and check out Redd's Place. Kids seem to love the adventure of going to the city.

My description here is actually quite brief.. there are many more activities offered in this game, including internet wifi if desired, and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to play a more relaxing, low pressure, no stress video game. It is not for those seeking more high skill, high velocity, or highly competitive type gaming..

The Negatives..

Sorry, there is a negative.. If even one of the possible four players has a tendency to be ultra competitive or greedy, that player can, and ususally does monopolize all of the activities, prizes, and game events.. and that's when hair begins flying around the WII system, the fun comes to a sudden hault, and parents wish they'd never purchased the game in the first place..


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