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Animal Crossing for Gamecube

Updated on July 21, 2007

Review of Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is among my favorite virtual real life games (My other favorite being the Harvest Moon Series). My favorite aspect of this game is the ability to decorate your house, as you wish. Although this game is not the action adventure game most game players are looking for these days, I love it because there really is no end to the game. You can play this game for years always discovering new things.

There are so many aspects of this game to complete that I am never bored, but some people find it boring and repetitive. Just some of the goals to complete are catching all the bugs, catching all the fish species, digging up all the fossils, completing a set of furniture (and getting a high rating from the HRA), and collecting all the special items given out via special events (this requires visiting your mayor and other characters on certain days throughout the year)

If you have a Game Boy Advance and Gamecube Connector for it, you can visit Animal Island and get some unique items including coconuts that you can plant back in your town and sell to Tom for 150 each. You can also get other foriegn fruits that sell for 500 by visiting your friends towns. Have them put the memory card in the second slot of the Gamecube and you can visit their town, take some fruit, and plant it back in your town. Also, be sure to check out their store while your there and you may find the item you need to complete a furniture collection. Friends can also gift you items by visiting Tom and he will give a code that you can tell Tom in your town to get the item.


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