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Is There Anyone That Plays League of Legends Out There?

Updated on June 21, 2015
TCoote profile image

My name is Tara and I am a college student. In my hubs I will talk about things that interests me video games, anime,and more random things.

this game is so fun :)
this game is so fun :) | Source

Just Wondering If...

I'm new to the hubpage community but also to the league of legends community and so far I am enjoying both. I'm wondering if there are anymore summoners out there that want to connect and share stories and experience and maybe we can play. I'm not that great at the game myself but I do have fun. For those of you just discovered my hubpage and do not know what League Of Legends is, I will explain it.


What is League Of Legends?

League of Legends is an action, strategy,MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game. It is a game that encourages team work and strategy. There are lanes and one person that would roam around. The bottom lane consists on a duo team an ADC (attack damage carry) and Support. Top lane is usually a solo passive aggressive lane. The middle lane is aggressive solo. and the person that roams and helps players secure the kill and secure objectives like ganks, buffs, dragon, and baron. Supports help keep the adc/marksman alive as well the team and assists in kills. supports are just as important as any other role. The top lane champion is usually a tank someone that can absorb damage or someone that can do a fair amount of damage.

support and can mid
support and can mid | Source

My Experience When I Started

Before starting league I already had already negative views about the community and that I was not use to playing MOBA's. Just MMO's and things i got from steam. My friend eventually convinced me to play this game. This game takes a while to learn especially, when it depends on what role you decide to play. When I first started I jumped in without doing the tutorial, some people can learn this way but i cannot. I was playing a support named sona but i didn't realize that she was a support. I thought she was a damage dealer. I eventually did the tutorial and got better. I eventually got better with help by reading guides, tips, and having some friends help me out. I found some videos and guides to help me with building my champions and to learn more about the game.

BitterSweet Lulu
BitterSweet Lulu | Source
Panda Teemo
Panda Teemo | Source
Pheonix Quinn
Pheonix Quinn | Source

My Favorite Champions To Play

I love all the yordles, I hope to learn how to play all of them. So far I only know how to play four of them.Lulu is adorable with her pet pix. she can be a support, middle,and top lane. I Like to play her as support. She has a good escape and a silence/ speed boost to help her and allies escape. She has a knock up heal which can help save lives and survive. She has a shield to help sustain damage from enemies. "That squirrel looks familiar.."-Lulu

I like to play Teemo as a top lane champion because I think he is a pretty fun champion to learn. Even when your farming or dead you are able to help the team or get a kill with his mushrooms. If you lose your lane you can put down mushrooms other places like dragon buffs any bush. They make good wards and can slow down enemies for escapes or to get a kill. Also always remember, Never underestimate the power of the Scout's code."-Teemo

I like to play in the middle lane as middle lane as hiemerdinger because his turrets are good for farming and keeping my opponent at bay. while the opponent is distracted by my turrets I can poke them down with my rockets. It is best to put down turrets in a triangle form so you are safe from all sides. Heimerdinger is a great lane pusher and I love his jokes. "Why do they say you can't trust atoms because... They make up everything!"-Hiemerdinger

As the marksman role I like to play as Quinn. Quinn is not a yordle sadly but she fights for demacia along side her friend valor. I find Quinn a great marksman because she has a blind and an escape and an ability to show enemies hiding in bushes. Her passive is great for learning to last hit. Her passive is a cross-hair that locks on to a minion that's low or a champion that is near by to poke. Shooting the cross-hair deals extra damage to the minion and the champions it targets. Her ultimate power allows her to change into valor which giver he a speed boost ad a knock up which also can be used for a good escape. "Valor, To Me!"- Quinn

One of my favorite game modes

A game mode in League Of Legends
A game mode in League Of Legends | Source

League Of Legends

What role do you like to play?

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