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ArcheAge regal plate armor form crafting guide

Updated on November 15, 2014

ArcheAge regal plate armor form guide

It can be difficult to navigate the folio in ArcheAge in order to find simple items like the regal plate armor form. With a little guidance, the folio becomes a much easier system to navigate.

Prices can vary wildly per server; but to give a rough estimation, regal plate armor forms should cost between 20 and 35 gold. These workbenches in particular are one of the more costly, of the cheap ones that is. There are some workbenches that cost nearly one hundred gold in order to craft. In other words, this workbench is fairly inexpensive.

Once built, this regal plate armor form can be placed on the floor of a house, on a gazebo, or sometimes on the roof! With the addition of this workbench players can then craft plate armor from the safety and tranquility of their own homes.

Regal plate armor form in the folio

Materials list

To make a regal plate armor form in ArcheAge players need a few materials:

1x sturdy ingot

3x archeum ingot

1x regal plate armor form design

The ingots can be obtained from mining and refining; however, if players don't want to wait they can easily use the auctioneer to purchase all four ingots for fairly cheap. The ingots shouldn't cost more than 25g, but realistically should cost more around 15g.

The sturdy ingot is the expensive part, they usually cost at least double what archeum ingots cost, if not more. As for the regal plate armor form design, they can be purchased at any local carpentry merchant in ArcheAge.

The regal plate armor form design can be found on the 9th page of a carpentry merchant for the petty sum of 10g. Compared to the cost of the materials, it's not so bad.

A regal plate armor form video guide

A public carpentry workbench

Carpentry workbench

After players collect all the materials required for the regal plate armor form, they can then proceed to the next step: finding a carpentry workbench. These kind of workbenches are very easy to find, often times near auctioneers.

Once found, players can find the regal plate armor form under workbenches/stations, which is found in the carpentry section of the workbench. Crafting the workbench should cost 50 labor, and take around five second to complete. Once completed, the plate armor form is ready to be placed.

Placing a regal plate armor form in ArcheAge

In order to place the regal plate armor form, players must have land which belongs to them. In order to acquire land players need patron status. In other words, patron is required just to place the armor form.

Once players own a house or gazebo, they should be able to place the workbench anywhere on them. Some houses even support placing workbenches on the roof! As for most players, they'll probably be placing these workbenches inside of the comfort of their small virtual homes.

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