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ArcheAge self-winding phonograph crafting guide with sound demo

Updated on December 11, 2014

ArcheAge self-winding phonograph crafting guide w/ sound demo

Ever seen a self-winding phonograph in ArcheAge? These musical instruments are one of the more expensive and refined pieces of décor for high level ArcheAge players, or just rich players.

This ArcheAge instrument costs over 100 gold to make, sometimes as high as 200. It uses a Nuri forest lumber, which is extremely expensive.

Overall this isn't the best phonograph, but it depends on musical tastes. This particular ArcheAge phonograph has four "songs" which are basically just beats. There are two different drum beats, a repetitive clapping song / beat, and a snare from a drum set being hit repeatedly.

These four different songs can be turned on and off, and up to all four of them can be playing simultaneously. The player of the self-winding phonograph gets to choose with of the four songs play and which don't. Be bringing the tracks in at different times and choosing certain ones players get a little bit of control over what kind of sounds this self-winding phonograph instrument makes.

Self-winding phonograph video crafting guide

How to craft a self-winding phonograph

Before getting started players first need quite a bit of materials, and generally they aren't cheap either. Players need 20 labor to craft and the following materials:

  • 1x Nuri forest lumber
  • 30x Starshard ingots
  • 20x Topaz
  • 1x Spruce hardwood
  • 1x Mechanical spring

The mechanical spring can be crafted at a carpentry workbench under the "machining" profession. To make a mechanical spring players need 50 labor and the following materials.

  • -----20x Iron ingot
  • -----5x Copper ingot
  • -----3x Archeum ingot
  • -----1x Rough polish

Overall the materials are extremely expensive compared to other workbenches and housing décor. The Nuri Forest lumber can be made using mysterious garden powder and 10 fine lumber. The topaz's can be found through mining and the best way to get them is to purchase them in auction, they're generally pretty cheap.

Star shard ingots and spruce hardwoods are best bought in auction, but can be found in mining or from logging. The mechanical spring on the other hand can be crafted purely with mining materials, other than the rough polish, which can be crafted under the alchemy profession.

A public artistry workbench

Where to craft a self-winding phonograph

First off players need to find an artistry workbench, which are fairly rare in ArcheAge. Usually players must travel to one of the biggest cities on their continent to find these devices. Players can also use private artistry workbenches which can be placed in an ArcheAge house, but these cost a fair amount of gold to craft or buy.

After finding the artistry workbench players need to look under the artistry tab of coruse, but the tab at the bottom should be called "instruments." Under this tab there are all sorts of phonographs, as well as a sovereigns piano. This is where players can find the self-winding phonograph in ArcheAge.

Self-winding phonograph sound demo

Pro's and con's of ArcheAge's self-winding phonograph

This device is neat and all, but sadly it doesn't have any sort of impact that some of the other phonographs have, the best of which being the portal phonograph.

See the video to the right for a sound demo of the self-winding phonograph.

This device is nice when lots of friends are over, as it can be amusing. On the other hand there are better phonographs than this one for players to use if they want to impress their friends, and luckily, almost all phonographs cost around the same price to make.

The most expensive part of any phonograph is the Nuri forest lumber, which uses 10 fine lumber. Other than that it's fairly inexpensive to make phonographs.

Is the self-winding phonograph good or bad?

Do you like ArcheAge's self-winding phonograh?

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