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ArcheAge war drum crafting guide for the pumped up dance buff

Updated on January 17, 2015

ArcheAge war drum tutorial

Crafting a war drum in ArcheAge is actually fairly expensive. Not only does it require some fairly expensive items, but the war drum itself only lasts for 7 days, after which it is removed from the inventory.

This item cannot be traded or put op for sale at an auctioneer. When used it summons a war drum on the ground in front of the caster that, when played, gives all nearby party members a 2% damage resistance buff for 30 minutes. This buff isn't game changing, but considering the using a PvP war drum is completely optional, it's not so bad.

This item can also be destroyed by enemy players and players who use bloodlust mode. It only required Shatigon's Sandglass: Spoonful in order to restore, if destroyed. The sandglass should cost less than a gold, if not cheaper, in order to purchase.

Other than that, the music it plays while playing the war drum is actually pretty funny. It sounds overly intense for the pace of the game, and is reminiscent of a battle straight out of the Lord of The Rings. Overall this item is a fantastic in-game item to impress friends and guild mates all over Nuia and Haranya.

The war drum in the leatherwork folio


Crafting an ArcheAge war drum is a little complicated, and could cost a good bit of gold, depending on the server. As for the materials it requires they are:

  • 2x fine lumber
  • 3x fine leather
  • 5x starshard ingot
  • 1x small seed oil
  • 1x maple hardwood

These ingredients are too expensive, but overall they're worth a pretty penny.

The fine lumber and fine leather are generally around 5-10 gold each on most ArcheAge servers. Starshard ingots can vary wildly from 15 silver to over 1 gold per ingot. As for the small seed oil, it's usually pretty steady, at least on one server it averages 5 gold literally always.

The maple hardwood can vary wildly, even server to server. Generally it should cost 5-15 gold, but it can go up as high as 40 gold in some cases.

Generally war drums can be crafted for fairly cheap if players watch the market and play their in-game gold right. Luckily none of these items are expensive items, generally war drums cost 50 to 100 gold to craft each. They only last 7 days, so the ArcheAge war drum is definitely a luxury item, but not as luxurious as the luxury cruise liner at Mirage isle, now that's luxury.

ArcheAge war drum video crafting guide

Pros and Cons of using a war drum

While a war drum sounds fun, and potentially useful, it comes with it's draw-backs. Once placed this drum is stuck in place. In other words, using this drum in an actual battle is unrealistic and impossible.

On the other hand, if there's time to prepare, the 2% damage buff for a full ArcheAge PvP raid group would be extremely powerful and game changing. On top of that, the music it plays actually sounds really cool, which is a good bonus.

Back on the negative side, the drum can't be moved once placed, it can only be retrieved. This fact makes the ArcheAge war drum an extremely vulnerable tool, just like a farm cart or a farm wagon, except worse. The drum also has around 5,000 health, which makes it extremely easy to destroy.

Do you use war drums? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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