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Are Telltale Games For You?

Updated on February 14, 2022
Telltale Logo
Telltale Logo | Source

Telltale Overview

While Telltale Games was founded back in 2004, the last few years the game developer has been taking the industry by storm, and not with the usual action-adventure or role-playing games. Their games are very unique in that they are basically an interactive story. Now, most games can be described as an interactive story in the sense that you are playing through the story, but Telltale is much more like watching a movie in which you make the choices that affect the story. In fact, all of their recent games are released in parts called episodes. All of the episodes (usually ranging from five to six) make up a season, much like you would call a television show. These games are generally considered episodic games, or graphic adventures.

Highlights of Telltale Games

Games built like this have some major highlights that I absolutely love and keeps me playing every game that comes out.

One: Telltale offers a variety of different stories. Even if you are picky about your game topics, there is just about something for everyone. They have crime noir, horror, and adventure stories, all just as immersive as the last.

Two: Their games are available on every gaming console, whether you are a computer player, mobile apps, or consoles like PlayStation or Xbox. Even the newer games are still being released on the older consoles so everyone has access.

Three: The price of these games simply can not be beaten. Since these games are released in episodes, you have the choice of buying each episode separately or buying a season pass, which saves you a little bit of money. Ultimately, each game is roughly $25. The games that have been out a couple years can also be bought on disc, which has all of the episodes together. Today the average new game is around $60. While these games do tend to be a bit shorter overall than many open world games, the price is still very worthwhile.

Four: The replay value is more than many other story driven games. While the overarching story in each of the Telltale games remain the same, playing through different times, making different options can change different aspects of the story, keeping the game play fresh. Personally I have replayed many of the games a handful of times.

Five: Probably one of the most important aspects of any game, at least for me, are the stories. Each game I have played has continued to impress me with it's story, no matter what the topic. The build up of each story keeps you hooked and the endings are always an epic close to the story that makes you feel like you've been on an intense journey.

Six: The games are a quite a bit of pointing an clicking, some puzzles, and quick time events. Since the controls are quite simple, these games can be played by anyone, from people who are hardcore gamers, to people who have hardly played anything at all.

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Possible Drawbacks

With Telltale games being different and having very specific game play in each of their games, there can be some drawbacks for some people. While I personally love this games, I can see how these games would not be for everyone.

One: While having a simple game play style may be a bonus to some, others may not find what they are looking for with point and click graphic stories. If you are looking for a game full of action, platforming, and world exploration, these games do not have it. While some of their games have more action than others, it all involve pointing and shooting in very limited scenes.

Two: Until these games are release to disc, you much download each episode to your console or computer. Personally I find this to be frustrating since it takes up quite a bit of space as each episode is downloaded, especially keeping them installed on the system until all of the episode come out and I finish the game.

Three: These are not the only games in which choices affect your story. Square Enix recently started a game that is very similar to the structure of Telltale games and the company Bioware produces games that not only include decision making, but also more action and role playing aspects. If you are someone looking for more action, while still having a story and decision driven game, there are games better suited for you.

Four: Finally the Telltale games are very animation and stylized. While each game has it's own style, none are exactly realistic graphics. If you are looking for games to test next generation graphics, these games, while looking great in their own style, do not have real-world graphics.


Current Games From Telltale

While Telltale does have some older games, I'm going to give a list of the more current games that have come out in the past three years or so that fit the episodic, graphic adventure descriptions.

1. The Walking Dead: Season 1
This game is based to be in the same universe at the popular comic book series of the same name, along with the television series. However, this game does not recreate the events that happen in the comics or television show, but creates a new story. However the game captures the feel of the show perfectly in the dark outlook of the world and putting the characters in challenging situations which forces the player to make difficult choices.

2. The Wolf Among Us: Season 1
This game is based on the DC comic series "Fables." The game is meant to be a prequel to all of the event of the comics. For those who may not know anything about Fables, it is basically a series about fable and fairy tale characters after being forced from their homelands when their lands are invaded. They are forced to go into hiding amongst the human world, one of their communities being in New York in a small place called Fable Town. This game has a very crime noir feel as you play The Big Bad Wolf in human form solving a murder spree in their community.
*On a side note that is completely personal views, this is still my favorite Telltale game.

3. The Walking Dead: Season 2
This game picks up where the first left off, and is just as deep as the first, full of tough choices of the post zombie-apocalypse.

4. Tales From the Borderlands
This game is set to be in the same universe as the other Borderlands games. It very much keeps the same humor and action as the action adventure Borderlands games, but changes it into a graphic adventure format. While it includes some background of the other borderlands games, people can easily pick up this game without having played any other borderlands games.

5. Game of Throne
This game is modeled after the popular book and television series, however is told from a different family's point of view parallel to what is happening in the television show. However Spoilers, this game picks up right at the Red Wedding. If you have not seen it yet, and don't want spoilers, definitely catch up in the books or show before playing. If you haven't watched the show or read the books, you can still play the game without feeling lost, especially since the game gives you some character background. This game does a good job of getting the same dark feeling and shocking twists the show has.

Minecraft: Story Mode
This game is based off of the extremely popular Minecraft game, except adding a story line to what was a completely open world game. This game also tends to have less mature or emotional content and is a bit more family friendly.

Right now The Walking Dead: Season Three is set to come out in 2016, and The Wolf Among Us: Season Two has been confirmed and is estimated to start in 2016.

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