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Wild Artefacts Locations (FF13-2)

Updated on January 17, 2013

How to get all wild artefacts in Final Fantasy 13-2?

Wild artefacts are necessary to unlock some gates for you to advanced in the story. There 10 locations where you can get these wild artefacts. Just check the walkthrough below to see where you can find these artefacts.

1st location

Bresha Ruins (005AF)

Once you see a soldier next to the time gate who is talking about the missing equipment. Beside him you need to activate the moogle hunt ability by pressing R1. After activating it, the Wild Artefact will appear after you have pressed it. You're not gonna miss this one because its necessary to progress the story.

2nd location

Sunleth Waterscape (300AF)

If you see a big monster you need to ride on it. Then while its moving try to look on the left side of monster trail before it reaches the destination. You will see a floating treasure orb. You need to throw the moogle to get this one.

3rd location

Serendipity (Year Unknown)

Go to Casino shop and purchase it for 10,000 coins. I bet you don't have this amount so if you would like to get this 10,000 coins easily, you need to join in chocobo racing or sell some items and save 100,000 gill to purchase it. If you really want to save time and Gil, I'm suggesting that you used bargain hunter fragment skill to get this for 7,500 coins.

4th location

Oerba (200AF)

Explore the area and in the middle of the map, you will see a huge tree. Go to this area then northwest of this tree you'll see the Wild artefact sitting on the ledge. Get this by throwing mog.

5th location

Archytle Steppe (Year Unknown)

Far western corner of Archtyle Steppe is called Clearwater Marshes. Access and go to Clearwater marshes then check the end of the cliff and look below for the artefact. Just need to throw mog to get it.

6th location

Augusta Tower (200AF)

Go to 50th floor the proceed at the time gate. That's our starting point, from there you need to go to the inner walkway then take left and move closer to the gap. You will see the wild artefact from there. Now, throw moogle to get it.

7th location

Bresha Ruins (300AF)

You need to complete first the Iridium Ring sidequest. Then, go to the northeastern area and use moogle hunt ability to reveal the wild artefact.

8th location

A Dying World (700AF)

Finish first this area then return here and you need to examine thr goddess statue near the time gate. Once you see the oracle drive, use mog hunt and you will enter into the cutscene. This cutscene will ask some questions answer it by replying "I can do this" to reveal the wild artefact.

9th location

Yaschas Massif (100AF)

Complete the Book of Shambala fragment, its the red sphere or orb mission. You can complete that quest by solving anomalies including the clock puzzles. Finish all puzzles then go to paddraean archaeopolis, it is located in the northern part of Yaschas Massif to get this artefact.

10th location

Academia (4XXAF)

You will see some boxes near to the wall in the east side under grand avenue(Southeastern edge of the alley). You need to use Mog hunt or press R1 to get the wild artefact.

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